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Inferno of Joy

San Francisco's Inferno of Joy was formed in early 2006 by vocalist Sean Heskett and guitarist Hugh Yerburgh. Having both served in the ranks of Scratchie/Mercury Records act, Phoenix Thunderstone, and following several years of self-imposed retirement, Sean sought Hugh over seas , discussed the possibility of starting another band, and mutually concluded the time was right to embark on a new musical project- Inferno of Joy.

Upon settling on a line up, the band played frequently through out most of northern California, and in 2007 released a 5 song Ep on Divine Kali Records. Inferno of Joy quickly garnered a reputation for wild kinetic shows, often Dionysian in their excesses; an orgy of colour, sound, blood, and sweat...

In Spring 2009, following a line up change, rangy Texan drummer Ricky Wayne Garrett signed on. The Dallas native and veteran of a number of bands, spanning punk to blues to jazz, has been nothing less than inspirational! His seemingly effortless ability to fuse genres, and his extensive musical background and knowledge have added immeasurably to Inferno of Joy's eclectic sound.

In October 2011, Inferno of Joy added bass guitar player, Tom Mitchell, a long time musician of San Francisco's underground. Delivering a powerful rhythmic drive with a broad harmonic sensibility, Tom's addition has helped the rhythm section to become an immeasurable force. With it's strongest line up yet, the band are currently finishing their upcoming full length release due to be released in early 2012. At the same time, Inferno of Joy can be seen performing often throughout Northern California and beyond- North, South, East and West...

My New Vice

My New Vice uses an addictive mix of influences to create something that has been sorely missing from the music industry in recent years—actual hard driving rock n roll. Forming in 2007 from Portland Or they have released 2 full length albums to date.(Blood in the water) & (Pharmapseudopsycho) "Listen to it FUCKING LOUD"!


"Local band lands show in national spotlight with the likes of Rev Run of "RUN DMC" & Kid Rock. Third in the line ups not too bad!" ~Willamette Week

"Listed number 2 in a top ten list of best indie bands in the U.S." ~San Francisco Chronicle

""My New Vice is the baddest ass killer super cool punk rock blues band from Hell and I love it!" – Dave Dictor, founding father of American hardcore, lead singer of MDC and writer for Maximum Rock n Roll Magazine." ~Online Review


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