Band memebers from, Caliornia, New Mexico, Texas, Ney York and Canada. Former singers band Evans Blue sold over 450,000 records on hollywood records. Singles, cold, beg, over, the pursuit.


Parabelle has seen band changes throughout it's short music career thus far. Finding the perfect fit is a timely process but now is the time that things feel right. A hard working group of guys that will do whatever it takes to continue making music for its fans. Kevin Matisyn (EVANS BLUE) and Gio are still going strong and with the addition of Kyle Mathis and Joe Maurer of Neverset the band has that ability to put on the amazing live show they've always wanted to. Aaron Burton rounds out the new line up filling in for all the lead work. This is a band that will be rising up and it will be on their own terms.

Para - close to, resembling.

Belle - beautiful.

They say that hindsight is 20/20 but they say a lot of things. You have been told that you should not live in the past but no one warns you about dying there. Sometimes a clearer vision of what's ahead gives you a blurry look at whats behind. If life was a chance, it'd be one that was free. If true love is blind then how can it find me?

Maybe the winding road is the one you're supposed to be on because it's destination is equally important. It leads you to a home you hope to have. Love is a common bond for an unusual enemy. Even your best friends are not the ones that were there while things were being built; they were the ones that stuck around long enough to see you rebuild.

This is what it's called when you take back what never should have been taken. It's about owning what is already yours; your mistakes and your successes. It's about getting out of a rut. It's what you call it when the weight of the world tries to win but fails. It's when you're brought to the brink and take one more painful step. It's when you hit the ground running. It's when you realize that no one can stop you from REASSEMBLING THE ICONS.


Radioactive Red

A tale of two musicians... Greggor Chiasson from the band (Vedas) met a vocalist new comer Anna Mutate,after a jam session in a park they began writing together and performing Acoustic shows around New Orleans. The sound was coming together both vocalist bring a unique style to the music creating catchy melodic hormones over Slamin Rock! After searching for the right pieces to the puzzle Radioactive Red was formed.
Band Interests
Rockin the fuck out!
Artists We Also Like
A perfect Circle, Tool, Faith No More, Smashing Pumpkins, Silver Sun Pickups Etc.

$6.00 - $10.00


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