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Painted Hands

We are pure musicians who love what we do.

The band began in 2011. It was founded by Dreux LeBourgeois (drums) who was joined by Joey Goedtel (vocals) in a quest to form a band. Michael Pagones joined to help with anything the band needed; at the time this was bass guitar. (the bass got passed around a lot along the way). Michael eventually moved to the keyboard, passing the bass to Josh Scroggins, who passed it to Aaron Sanchez after Dylan James left. After a good year of Josh Scroggins on guitar, he left the band. Collin Nichols joined on as a fill-in guitarist. This was until Dylan James refilled his position. Other past guitarists include Will Boler and Logan Baron.
The Painted Hands are a band from Slidell, Louisiana. Each of the band's members brings his own style to the mix making a wide variety of sound. This creates a blend of musical styles and genres that pleases a variety of listeners.
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Band Interests
Music. Writing. Performing. Influencing. Cooking.
Artists We Also Like
Foo Fighters. Cage the Elephant. The Beatles. Sleeper Agent. Led Zeppelin. Sublime. Yes. Queen. The Black Keys. The Red Hot Chill Peppers. Nirvana. Tom Petty.

Bujie and the Highrise

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Bujie and the Highrise is a new extension into the world of modern day reggae influenced music. Mixing classic Dub reggae, Roots reggae, ska, hip hop and Progressive Rock, Bujie and the Highrise brings together an audial and visual effort to absorb your soul, body, and spirit into a circle of unity among all people. We promote a positive atmosphere along with our music. We have just released our first Full-Length Album available for free to download, and you can also purchase a hard copy.

Band Interests
Psychological discussions
World issues
Sound Engineering
Song composition
Making sounds out of weird stuff
Mike Chavez

Artists We Also Like
Mr. Bungle, Slightly Stoopid, Primus, RHCP, CCR, The Memorials, Streetlight Manifesto, Pantera, Snarky Puppy


Voted best local band of 2012 in Galveston by Islander Magazine
Soulfiya & The Black Lung Crew started as a collaboration between Dru Long of Soulfiya, Gilbert “Witch Dokta” Alvarado and former members of Shark Attack. These veteran musicians blend Reggae and Hip-Hop to create a raucous, high energy show that keeps the crowds hype. Originality is the name of the game; no Bob Marley covers here! With thunderous riddims and rapid-fire lyricism, The BLC sets the standard for American Dancehall Reggae bands.

Stop The Presses

Stop the Presses! Ska/Reggae/Rocksteady from Miami Florida.
Stop the Presses is a female fronted four piece band that began in late 2010. Huge fans of all that is retro and vintage, the band marries old pop genres with a new approach to ska and reggae. Catchy choruses, innovative song structures, and new wave/punk rock synth/guitar leads are what makes a Stop the Presses song.
Stop the Presses is Ali Culotta on lead vocal and keys, Danny Portilla on guitar, Keko Kubat on bass guitar and Elle Forte on drums.

After releasing "Does it Still Look Pretty?" EP, Stop the Presses has both written and performed a musical by guitarist Danny Portilla, won First Place as Miami's Hard Rock Rising Winner, has launched a 7inch vinyl record featuring songs like; "Skanking Private Ryan" and "Daddy Issues Volume II" with California label the Big Ska Gamble, and just recently returned from their annual Florida/Georgia Tour.

Stop the Presses has been honored to open for ska legends The Mighty Mighty Bosstones at Sunfest 2012, South Florida's largest musical festival and other great acts like; The Slackers, The Supervillians, Reel Big Fish, The Expendables, Big D and the Kids Table and Kayavibe.

"Miami's hotter version of Gwen Stefani" Real quote by our devoted fans, we don't know if thats true, YOU DECIDE! Book them now for the ultimate ska/pop experience, "we play weddings! or Book us now for your Divorce Party!"

Please like their facebook page to keep up with the release of their latest Double EP, Plan B and Plan Z, for other Stop the Presses news!

$6.00 - $10.00


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