Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Kevin Devine (Bad Books, Kevin Devine and the Goddamn Band), announces the release date for the highly anticipated dual release of Bulldozer and Bubblegum (previously known as LP7 and LP 8, respectively). The drastically different sounding albums, fan funded through a record-setting Kickstarter campaign, will be released Tuesday, Oct. 15, 2013.

Bubblegum, produced by Lacey, is a proper rock band record, a sound evolved from Devine’s early days in Miracle of 86; a charging record loaded with feedback, overdriven guitars and unexpectedly memorable hooks.

The ten songs that comprise Bulldozer, Devine’s solo album, are laced with electric folk-rock and pop ballads.

Kevin Devine and the Goddamn Band will kick off a fall tour Oct. 18 in Akron in support of Bubblegum with support from Minneapolis-based indie rock band Now, Now and Nashville’s Harrison Hudson.

'Five years ago, the Minneapolis band [Now, Now] released Threads — not only one of our 50 favorite albums of 2012, but the kind of record that left us wanting more. There was resolution in its restlessness, heard in compact and moody indie-pop songs that evoked Rilo Kiley's early years, but already set with the wisdom that no one's got it all figured out.

Then — silence. Emotionally exhausted from tours and wracked by creative starvation, KC Dalager and Brad Hale put Now, Now on hold as they sought different outlets in producing and songwriting for other artists. Jess Abbott, who'd joined the band as a fan (literally moving from Maine to Minnesota), continued her project called Tancred, which soon blossomed and took on a life of its own. Today's return, however, comes with the news that Abbott has amicably parted ways with Now, Now.

Dalager and Hale began Now, Now as teenagers in marching band, and come full circle as a duo once again. While they're still working on the follow-up to Threads, they rocket back to Earth with "SGL," a heart-throbbing pop song with a karaoke-bar blast radius.' --NPR Music

Jonah's onelinedrawing

Jonah Matranga has spent the last decade in the music industry and has approached every step of the way by his own terms. After recording with FAR, NEW END ORIGINAL, ONELINEDRAWING and GRATITUDE, Jonah has taken it upon himself to release music for his diehard fans. His shows are super personal and very DIY complete with "name your own price" merchandice.

Harrison Hudson

The American rock n' roll of the '50s and '60s ran on raw, unfiltered emotion, and was driven by ardent soul. The muscle cars, steel mechanics, and never ending high
ways were the image, but the spirit was inherit in the far reaching melodies and layered vocals -- the ideal at the heart of American Thunder, Harrison Hudson's third full-length album. Behind the languishing spacious guitars and the overall smooth vibe there is Hudson himself, sharing the best moments of the American rock radio that lavished his childhood.

Formed in 2005 in Atlanta, GA Harrison Hudson began as a songwriter backed by a band. In 2006 his debut Angel On One Side…And the Other On The Other displayed a dark shade, a monument of Hudson's life at the time, but by 2008 Harrison Hudson had become a full band, a trio that found a new home in Nashville, TN releasing the no-frills, full volume, Blood, Sweat, and Sweat. As soon as recording was finished Hudson began writing again, 70 songs that would be sliced down to an integral 12 of pop hooks and rock twist free of overbearing romantic gestures, the shape of American Thunder.



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