Luke Sweeney, Pat Hull

Luke Sweeney

California. appendectomy '82. graduated kindergarten '86. first joint summer of '93. broken jaw '94. first guitar '94. quit the basketball team '95. electric guitar '95. first tour 2002. purchased Yamaha MT-50 4-track machine '03. remedial jobs to support chronic songwriting/recording/touring habit '03 - present

Pat Hull

Pat Hull's lyrically and vocally charged songwriting "goes in the direction of gently reinventing the genre rather than obeying its exhausted axioms" (Deli Magazine). Pat discovered and honed his craft in Chico, CA and returned to Brooklyn in 2010. In 2011, Pat, Michael Chinworth, and Jason Beck began a collaboration that would eventually produce "Light" and "Shed Skin."

Mark Joseph & The Missing Pieces

Mark Joseph & The Missing Pieces was born as a result of missed opportunities, and as an excuse to get back on the road and play some shows. A back catalog of songs Mark Joseph (My Revolver, The Human Condition, Rare Animals) has been writing for years has been joined with a slew of his new songs, and brought to life by The Missing Pieces (Nate Harris, Dave Hagan).

A three piece in its current state, the group is evolving and expanding organically, touring and recording demos in preparation for a 2013 debut release.


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