"Cosmic Angel: The Illuminati Prince/ss " is the debut rap release from New York based self described "Acid Punk Rapper" Mykki Blanco. "This mixtape is a reflection of the lifestyle that my peers and I are living right now, this moment where it feels as if global club culture is connected again, New York, Los Angeles, London, Berlin, Tokyo, Rio, the international underground has come together for an all night party that never ends and "Cosmic Angel" is the soundtrack. "DJ DJ Prime Club Minister, Play My Track Cuz The Beat Is Sinister" raps Blanco acting as town crier of the club crowning the DJ ruler of the night, Blanco's raps, national nightlife anthems. Rave culture, Hip hop culture, Trip Hop and Riot Grrl, these are the elements of what Cosmic Angel are made of and Mykki Blanco swerves with ease in and out of each genre with his/her artful lyricism, aggressive delivery and the showmanship that has made Blanco a stand out entertainer.

Cosmic Angel is my way of welcoming the world into my reality, the weirdos, the freaks, alternative black american culture. Sexuality figures in last, were talking street life, night life and under the flashing strobe light or the soft glow of the moon everyone and anyone is a Cosmic Angel.

Cosmic Angel is a mixtape for the international party people, a mixtape that people all over the world can relate to. "We make love to the night, in the back of the club yeah we feeling alright", sings Blanco it's a universal message delivered over the sonic digital bells. Cosmic Angel is Mykki Blanco's message to the world about how seriously he/she takes the role of entertainer and how far and how hard he/she will work to prove it to anyone who questions his/her talents. I came into this game to show the world my creative vision and let my freak flag fly...I just so happen to be a ferocious rapper, I would have never said "Blanco is the Truth" if I didn't mean it.

virtual super producer

DJ Larry B


I am a performance artist.

Psycho Egyptian

psychoegyptian is Devin Kyle Cuthbertson. He is an artist/musician who works out of Brooklyn.

Balthazar Lasagne

Of Hella Gay Oakland and KALX Berkeley fame, Balthazar is known for her eclectic mixes, Reggaeton reach arounds & Trap surprises. Get ready to to get down because Balthazar's high energy, bass driven beats will keep you moving and have you asking for more (if you can stop dancing long enough to catch your breath).

GSTAR (Hella Gay)

DJ, producer, and aspiring songwriter Grey Wolf Alicea (better known as GSTAR), was born and raised in Washington Heights, NYC and has been based in Oakland for the past 10 years. The East Bay Express calls GSTAR “part of the all star lineup” of Queer DJs in the East Bay. Best known for helping to create the “Hella Gay Oakland Dance Party” which celebrates its 5th Anniversary in June, GSTAR is also a KALX radio DJ, and has gotten a reputation for playing many flavors of fresh and future music genres, including post-dub, 3ballMTY, trap, hip hop, crunk, grime, & moombahton just to name a few.

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