Full Vinyl Treatment, Mercy Whip, Order of the Jackal

Full Vinyl Treatment

October 2001, in a basement off Franklin Street in Madison, WI, a rock band was brewing, not unlike the meads and ales of yore. Kept in the moist confines of the root cellar, the four young men decided they had heard enough of the commercial rock shit being served up as apple pie. These mates developed a sound unique but respectively borrowed from the tube powered rockers of the 70’s. Cultivating songs with furious and intricate baselines, soaked in tone blues guitar riffs, Ginger Baker meets Danny Carry beats, and a rough throated front man, these guys launched an individual soundscape that would only escalate from these early days. Enter Mr. Greg Norman, a seasoned Madison area rocker with baselines as solid as granite. Full Vinyl Treatment has prepared a strong selection of original music. The influences range from spoken word to Swedish metal, Blues to British doom, and punk to jazz-fusion. The sounds contain viscous grooves mingling with intricate timing and fronted with gravel road in your ear lyricism. Currently, Full Vinyl Treatment is preparing a variety of new material. So keep your ears low to the underground children.

Mercy Whip

Mercy Whip isn't just a compassionate sentence from your king, it's a musical and verbal assault on your ears.

Order of the Jackal

Order of the Jackal (OotJ for short) is a four piece metal band from Madison, Wisconsin. Its members are Adam Wood (vocals, guitar), Lisle Rohlwing (guitar), Luke Hawkinson (bass guitar), and Kevin McGinnis (drums).
OotJ was founded in the summer of 2009 when Adam, Jason Sommers, and Lisle got together and began to jam out random noise in the basement. It didn’t take long for them to realize that among the “random noise” they were generating were some killer riffs and melodies which needed to be taken seriously, and they began fleshing these into full songs. OotJ began performing live shows regularly in 2010. Fast forward to 2012, and two rhythm section change ups, Kevin and Luke joined to round out the lineup. In 2014 Jason left the band and Adam took over the lead vocals. OotJ continues as a four piece still keeping their focus on talent, creativity, and performance.
There has never been nor will be any particular goal for what songs are to sound like, only that the band has to have fun doing them and like the result. With influences ranging from Alice in Chains to Mastodon to Napalm Death (with a little R+B and blues thrown in) Order of the Jackal’s sound is a carefully and cleverly arranged blend that is aggressive and melodic.
OotJ continues to play live as much as it can. Their fan base continues to grow locally, regionally, and nationally as the music reaches people through live performances, demos, social media sites, YouTube videos, and internet radio.
Currently Order of the Jackal is working to complete their first full length album, and expand their loud and energetic live performances to include more widely spread venues. The band is geared up and ready to reinvent the modern metal scene.

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