Air Is Human

Air Is Human

Progressive psychedelic rock out of Philadelphia, PA.

Something Like A Monument

Imagine for a moment, with the considerably less logical hemisphere of your brain, Blues personified as man—derelict, aging and bloated, howling his newest ode for his latest, estranged lover on a street corner soapbox where no one is listening. He would be unbearable! Blues atop his podium, every passerby stampeding like cattle past him to escape his depressing white noise. Hungry for acceptance, Blues would plot to kill and assume the identity of Prog.

Prog, a man wrought with youthful vitality, would be held in high esteem for being a pioneer, an eclectic, a dabbler in the weird, and an all-around good-timer. But his naivety, this is what Blues would prey upon. One night in an alley outside a gutter bar, slitting Prog’s throat and separating the skin from his face so that he could wear it as his own. His plan complete, Blues would harbor the burden of his newly acquired persona hoping to be embraced as Prog was, carrying with him the only remnants of his former self: the women on his mind and the whiskey on his breath.

To describe the music of Something Like A Monument would be to say just that: blues bursting through its veil to become prog but never entirely forgetting where it began. Driven by heavy grooves splashed intermittently with odd time signatures, guitar and bass lines that venture into the realm of dissonance but always returning for the resolve, and vocals akin to caramel burnt to the bottom of an unwashed frying pan, Something Like A Monument is a wildly explorative collaboration that begs its listeners to answer only one question:

How well can you shake your ass?

Exploding World

Exploding World was started from a dream that turned into the project started by David A. Saylor in 2007. In the beginning, his live shows involved Saylor playing drums, keyboards, and vocals all simultaniously. In a review by Trader Bob of his first live performance, Saylor was hailed as “Philadelphia’s Multi-Tasking Pioneer.” While mixing atmospheric sounds with a solid pop sensability, he is doing things that not many solo artists have ever attempted.

In 2011 Exploding World became a full band with the addition of John Scheck (keys), Jennifer Shaw (keys), and Brandon Moore (guitar). The new material is an extension of Saylor’s original abstract sound, with a twist of many different influences that create a mix of indie electronic with the spirit of post-punk.

Exploding World has just finished recording their newest ep, which will be pressed to 7’‘in vinyl with an October release date.

Saylor is also a visual artist and poet who puts out pieces of work with a strong DIY ethic. He is currently working on a book of poetry and drawings that he will be published under his Ex World Publishing.

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