Ryan Miera writes songs on the keys, Maccabee Kelem plays his dreamy bass, while Drew Current tries really hard not to mess up the beat. Ryan Imboden raises his sweet juicy brass in to the air and mocks the Gods with his sweet, nasty fanfare.

They rock super hard in Chicago, all the time, always.

Tijuana Hercules

Mutant blues on a junkyard bent.

The Heavy Bombers

This garage band is anything but yet another purveyor of tired suburban white-boy blues (although it is equally apparent that they are all pretty white). Witness: 1-4-5 12-bar raunch, infused with technical abandon (not to say the abandonment of technique) and a never-ending search for the perfect fuzz pedal. Witness: songs of love lost and money stolen played at blistering extremes of tempo and volume. Witness: experiments in noise, fuzz, and wah-wah, not to mention extensive scholarship in free jazz and improvisation.



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