Since its launch in 2010 and release of their self-titled debut album, Polarcode has played popular music venues across the country from New York City’s “Arlene’s Grocery” to Hollywood’s “Whisky A Go Go”. The band resides in Chicago and have played countless venues across the windy city from Metro to Lincoln Hall.
With the 2013 release of the Supernatural EP, Polarcode created a trio of songs complete with layers of synthesizers, keyboards, intricate bass and drum interaction, tribal percussion and soaring vocals. The band’s jazz and classically trained musicians bring a unique juxtaposition of fiery virtuosity and delicate warmth to their music.
Polarcode continues to delight audiences with their passionate performances and had the pleasure of entertaining thousands while headlining the Taste Of Chicago in the summer of 2013.

Polarcode has received accolades for their poignant and powerful music video “My Best Friend” from the Supernatural EP.

“Big drums… atmospheric music and vocalist that will remind some of Bono of U2.”
- Kevin Williams, Chicago Tribune
“A far cry from your typical rock set, this quartet of daring and innovative musicians want you walking away having experienced a musical spectacle of epic proportions.”
- Greg Dorn, Lumino Magazine

“They have a big arena rock sound reminiscent of Coldplay along with a very prominent lead vocalist.”
- Chad Connolly, Static Multimedia

AyOH developed their own unique blend of harmony and sound, churning out original songs Avi Dell, lead vocals, has a romantically charged style that naturally accompanies polished lyrics with the raw energy of the band. Listeners can’t help but be captivated by the power of lyric and melody.

Armed with her hand-me-down ’78 Gibson Les Paul and powerhouse vocals that could shake walls, Chicago singer/songwriter Aly Jados performs with everything she’s got — her heart and soul and sweat and tears. Her voice is raw, soulful and bluesy with a rough edge, while her lyrics weave a story that almost everyone can relate to.

Since the tender age of 13, Aly has been forging her way as a musician, playing screeching guitar solos in punk and metal bands, while dreaming of rock and roll stardom. But her impressive pipes were the reason she was hand-selected to compete in front of a national audience on Fox’s popular talent search “American Idol” in 2011, and NBC’s hit vocal competition “The Voice” in 2012. Still, Aly has kept her eye on the prize and her home-town roots strong, playing monthly residencies to her loyal fans all throughout the city while continuing to write and record. She recently even enlisted a few of her biggest fans to act as extra’s in the music video for her gritty rock single “Waiting,” which has caused an online buzz with its dark imagery and hauntingly catchy hooks.

Aly’s debut EP Don’t Come Easy was recorded and released by Cassette Company Records in February 2012, and most nights you still can catch her, with her trusty Les Paul slung over her shoulder by a Kiss guitar strap, rocking rooms all throughout Chicago.

Rachael's Surrender

Since its formation in 1996, Rachael's Surrender has gone through a variety of incarnations and manifestations. Starting out as an outlet for Reuben Chew's moody, ethereal compositions, the project has expanded over the years to include a variety of collaborators including Elysabeth Grant (Black Tape for a Blue Girl), Michael Verzani (The Lusties, Soulscape) and Tre Beud (Arch Visceral Palor) . Previous releases include 1998's Within The Tears of Winter, 2001's Summer, and 2004's EP RS. With each album, Rachael's Surrender has experimented with new sounds and styles, from the rich sonic textures of Within the Tears of Winter to the melodic and melancholy pop-rock of RS.

Asteroid Love Song is the latest full-length offering from Rachael's Surrender, now composed of Reuben Surrender and singer-songwriter Liz Nickrenz. Combining Reuben's sophisticated electronic arrangements and thoughtful composition with Liz's quirky storytelling and angelic vocals, Asteroid Love Song provides a fresh take on synth-pop for the 21st century.

This special deluxe edition also includes a bonus CD that contains the RS EP plus 2006's limited release The Jackpot Face featuring Reuben, Michael, Liz and Elysabeth.

Skye Daru

14 year old pop singer from Chicago.

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