Chopteeth AfroFunk Big Band

Chopteeth AfroFunk Big Band

Chopteeth Afrofunk Big Band is a 14-piece Afrofunk orchestra exploring the common groove between the funkiest, most hip-shakin' West African and American popular music on the planet. The core of the Chopteeth sound is Afrobeat: a big-band funk invented by Fela Kuti in 1970's Nigeria. Afrobeat is a spicy stew of modern jazz, Yoruba tribal music and burning, James Brown-inspired rhythms. Chopteeth then mixes in classic Ghanaian dance tunes, Senegalese rumba and Jamaican ska and stirs it all thoroughly to create a massive groove. The result is a swirl of energetic melodies and call-and-response choruses, driven by interlocking drums and percussion, and punctuated by a dynamic five-piece horn section. Funky organ and melodic guitars complete Chopteeth's unique and infectious sound. Chopteeth updates African classics while remaining true to the spirit of the music and its message. Band members step to the mic to serve up lyrics in a total of seven different languages. IIn 2009, the band was honored with the Artist of the Year and Debut CD of the Year Wammie Awards, based on a vote of their peers in the Washington Area Music Association. Since 2007, the group has been honored with six Wammie Awards, including a three World Music Artist awards. Chopteeth has opened for critically acclaimed international artists including The Neville Brothers, The Derek Trucks Band, Chuck Brown, Konono No. 1, Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars, Gov'Toubab Krewe, Soulive, The Pietasters and Brazilian Girls.


Black Masala is an eclectic eight-piece group from DC featuring members from Thievery Corporation, See-I and Bellflur. They are inspired by Eastern European brass bands, New Orleans jazz, Latin grooves, Appalachian twang which are all processed by an Ambient/Experimental sensibility and an indie rock attitude.



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