Blue Sky Black Death, Sister Crayon

Blue Sky Black Death

Blue Sky Black Death (BSBD) has redefined hip-hop through their
kaleidoscopic perception of music as a landscape: music as a dimension to construct and build upwards and out. Their name, borrowed from the skydiving term beauty before death, mirrors their longevity and ability to bring back to life seemingly dead and forgotten dimensions.

Sister Crayon

After releasing their debut album Bellow in February on Manimal Vinyl Records, the band toured relentlessly with acts including The Album Leaf and El Ten Eleven. They will remain on the road for much of 2012 while continuing to work on material for a new album.

"On 'Holy (Or)der,' Sister Crayon maximizes a sonic landscape of ethereal loops and twangy keyboards that evoke childhood music machines contrasted with Terra Lopez's warm-deep-sad vocals (primarily words, occasionally pure instrumental sound). SC exists on that fine line of sadness and bliss, ever unstable, ever reaching across their driving methodic beats for sanctuary before the fadeout." --Sacramento Underground Music Examiner

"What you get with this band is sincerity, thoughtfulness, intense beauty, wisdom, joy, and (perhaps, best of all) music that should be at once pondered and cherished. Stumbling onto Sister Crayon is like finding a book of apocalyptic poetry in the confessional booth of an old, burned out cathedral."

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