Detroit's Omar-S (Alex Omar Smith; aka DJ Snotburger, DJ Snotinburg) emerged in 2003 as an underground techno/house maverick, releasing rigidly funky productions, made with analog gear, on his FXHE label. Though his 12″ releases were pressed in small quantities with handwritten labels (and with run-out etchings like "Techno music is my heritage — techno is not dead DAMN IT!" and "Thanks toRick Wilhite — I know I get on your nerves"), it wasn't long before his releases reached specialty shops in the U.K. and Germany. Though he was building a cult following and was often placed by writers within the same context as fellow Detroit natives Moodymann and Theo Parrish, it wasn't until 2009 that he truly strayed from his low-profile, self-sufficient mode. Parrish's Sound Signature label released his "Blown Valvetrane" 12″, and shortly after that, Smith provided the 45th mix for London club Fabric's self-named mix series. The majority of Smith's output was released on vinyl, but he also has full-length CD titles to his credit, including 2004′s Collaborating (billed as Oasis, co-produced by Smith and the possibly nonexistent Shadow Ray) and 2005′s Just Ask the Lonely. The latter was reissued on FXHE in 2009.

Big Strick

After releasing 2 underground anthems on FXHE(Omar S Label) in 2009, Big Strick started his own label 7Days ENT in 2011. New CD featuring Omar S, Generation Next and the return of the legend RECKLESS RON COOK!!! As Generation Next sets the tone for an outer-Galactic experience with Sequence 11 the stage is set for pure deepness only products of Detroit can bring!!! Alongside Omar S on Family Affair, Big Strick & Generation Next (family as well) has orchestrated a masterpiece sure to please the dance floors worldwide!! And if that isn't enough Big Strick brings to you the return of Reckless Ron Cook!! A rare appearance from the former Submerge and Metroplex artist and a true pioneer of the Techno Movement in the early 90’s. Ron brings you Night Moves a serious banger that will take your breath away!!! Ron is back to stake his claim and put his mark on the music he has helped to become internationally recognized and loved!! This CD has the make-up of being the best cd album of the year hands down!!!
Big Strick returns from his last 12 Alpha & Omega, Following success from his Timeless 12’ and his first debut album Detroit Heat CD/6 song EP on his own labels 7Days ENT. Big Strick has had previous releases on his Cousin Omar S’s label FXHE Records, songs like 100% Hustler and What up Doe/What up Doe Omar S Remix, 2 songs highly respected on the underground scene. You can rest a sure that Big Strick has plans to make 2012 the best year for Deep House by far.
So far this year Big Strick has had the pleasure of playing at Concrete in Paris, France, He is looking to expand his travels this coming year.


Born in 1983. Lives in Detroit, MI.

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