The Hook, This is True, Heed the Warning

The Hook

The Hook Rocks the 90's and 00's with Alternative favorites from bands including:

The Red Hot Chili Peppers
Counting Crows
Stone Temple Pilots
Plus some Classic Rock from Artists including Tom Petty and more!

Vince D'Amico, lead vocals
Keith Dempsey, drums
Glenn Regan, guitar and backing vocals
Greg Shriver, guitar
Joe Williams, bass guitar and backing vocals

This is True

What started out as a favor for a friend to play a song at a birthday party quickly turned into the inspiration to keep going for something greater. This Is True was founded soon after that fateful party and is now a band hard at work making music that everyone can listen to.

Justin Rutkowski - Guitar/Backing Vocals
David "Pudding" Shockley - Bass/Vocals
Marcus "Nesquik" Capaldo - Drums

Heed the Warning



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