RATHBORNE (Record Release Party!)

RATHBORNE (Record Release Party!)

Rathborne moved to New York from the deep woods & shallow waters of Brunswick, Maine, staying on his brother’s couch deep inside the upper burroughs, before moving into the darkness of the Charlie Pineapple Theater Company on North 8th, an abandoned theater loft in Brooklyn - he’s since left for higher ground

Bad Girlfriend

Bad Girlfriend emerged from the Brooklyn scene in 2008, a result of what happens when boredom meets natural talent. (Originally called Grandma’s boy) Bad Girlfriend play garagey, upbeat stomp-rock with melodic harmonies, reverb, & lots of vibe.

Isadora is a five-piece band which came together in Brooklyn in early 2012.

D.A. Stern + The Sanctuaries

Named after lead singer David Stern's mother, The Sanctuaries' Annette doesn't sound like a debut record by a group of guys in their early twenties. It's smarter and more patient than that. The New York-based quartet have made a grand introduction by mixing the colorful tones of '60s legends like The Byrds and The Zombies with the witty indie rock of Pavement and Yo La Tengo. Their songs are catchy without being sugarcoated, partially because David Stern sings with the dry cool of a Stephen Malkmus.

Beautifully recorded by Roger Moutenot (Yo La Tengo, Sleater Kinney) in his Nashville-based studio, Annette has a feeling of timelessness. Moments such as the "Sleepwalk" inspired "I Saw Her Through The Campfire" give it a classic appeal, the 8-minute Neu-influenced drone of "Soft Crime" adds depth and mystery, and "Heaven Is a Mountain" and "Fooled By Youth" provide catchy melodies to immediately latch onto forever.

Illyse Singer (DJ Set)


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