Shake It Like a Caveman

Shake It Like a Caveman

Shake it like a caveman is a one man band who lives on the highways, heartbreaks, beaches and backroads. S.I.L.A.C simultaneously plays slide guitar, drums, harmonica. The show has toured extensively in USA, Canada and Europe. Shake it like a caveman also performs from time to time as a duo, and with the shake it like a caveman big band.

The sounds protruding from Shake It Like a Caveman were something extraordinary and profound, a noise like no other, completely unexpected, positively staggering.

It is a one man band with the power of a four man band. A man by the name of Snake plays guitar, drums and harmonica while also providing the vocals. It was incredible, to say the least.

The show was not only impressive because of the one-man-band exhibition. It was the unique character and musical genius that made this much more than a spectacle. Wearing zebra striped pants and those hip 80s sunglasses, The Snake looked as if he did not just play the music, he was the music. Every fiber of his being seemed to encompass the pure wildness of it.

It's impossible to sit completely still in that robot state we often find ourselves in. Instead, you are alive and wild. Not a foot in the place did not tap, or a head not bounce, not one body left motionless.

The simplest way to put it: Shake it Like a Caveman produced music that felt like freedom. It was all over the place, but completely together. - Louisiana Review

Exuberant and gritty garage stomp, instantly this music spoke to me

-Nashville Scene

Shake it like a caveman's electric convulsive twist provide a hearty tonic for lingering spiritual deficits.

-Indy Week, Chapel Hill, NC

"Hypnotic blues based work songs with lazer-beams"

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