Wax Poetics & Exploded Drawing present: Computer Jay, Atarimatt, soundfounder, Lo Phi & DJ Sampler & Son

Computer Jay


Andrew Brown is a collector and arranger of interesting, well textured sounds. He is the co-founder of the monthly electronic music event called Exploded Drawing and plays in a band called Focus Group. He wants to create an audio environment for us to live in.

Lo Phi is an amalgamation of '94 Hakeem and '84 War. '92 Pharcyde and '89 Tecmo Bowl. 18th century enlightenment and 2020 endgame. That rare mix of Lopan and Burton. Cassette and Laser Disc. Sriracha and Earl. Splinter and Shredder. Rufus and Chuck De Nomolos. Lo Phi punctuates performances with a plethora of perspiration, a tangible stream of soul there for all to gaze upon. The harbinger of thick low ends with sultry soundscapes to both soothe and stimulate; He is no charlatan. Amisdt a world of appearances and fronts Lo Phi's genuine clamor resonates in ones soul as it rushes your neurotransmitters. From the Info-grooves pressed into cylinders to noises unknown; Anything is sampled and shamelessly double dipped into the soul batter. Raised to Hate, Learned to Love; Dawned with a fresh perspective of reality, it's cliche to say his pupils are as big as silver dollars, but anyone can see the change in his eyes.

$7.00 - $10.00

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