Opiuo, the New Zealand producer who now calls Australia home; gained international recognition in 2010 with his single, “Robo Booty” and debut album, “Slurp and Giggle” which was nominated for Best Dance/Electro Release at the Australian Independent Awards. Since then, Opiuo’s unique take on electronic music has continued to capture the attention of fans around the world with tours through N. America, Europe, Israel, Asia, India, South Africa and AUS/NZ. His music and remixes have reached the #1 position on Beatport and iTunes charts. Recently, he surpassed a million plays on his Soundcloud page and swept the 2013 UK Glitch-Hop Awards with 5 wins. Opiuo’sremix credits span from world renown artists, Pretty Lights, Infected Mushroom, The Upbeats and KOAN Sound to the iconic popstar, Kimbra. With support from the music industry Opiuo has been able to put out releases through such labels as: OWSLA, Vision, Dim Mak, Warner Bros., Disney and Addictech Records. Live, he has shared the stage with some of EDM’s best artists like Skrillex, Nero, Bassnectar, Moby, Pretty Lights, Rusko and The Glitch Mob to name a few. Whether he is equipped with drum machines and synths or performing 100% live, Opiuo fans never leave disappointed.

VibeSquaD has the look and feel of a regular humanoid DJ / producer, but as the Crunkadelic Bass Traveler he tours the solar system bumpin' his signature sound to all the deep space inhabitants. His spaceship leaks beats to the outer edges of the galaxy, leaving a blast of subterranean ill bass in his wake. Creatures are drawn to these sounds, regularly converging in large groups to observe and move to his music.  
Taking cues from classic electronic acts like Kraftwerk, The Art of Noise, and Front 242, VibeSquaD incorporates the reliable sounds of Chicago, Detroit, Miami, and the UK, informs it with his background in classic rock, psychedelic jam, and diverse jazz roots, then zaps it all with neon lasers. 
The sounds he produces transmit positivity capable of inducing anything from temporary stress relief to outright elation. Tracks from his album Joyful Noise cause a type of heightened euphoria in fans, leading them to shake and bounce uncontrollably and convince their robot and alien friends to voyage thousands of light years just to witness his massive dance parties.  
VibeSquaD's launch pad is in Denver, Colorado (North America), but he travels all over the planet spreading bouncy beats, elastic synth lines, glitched-out samples and wobbly bass to gyrating, electrified masses.

Andreilien (Formerly Heyoka)

Far far away in deep auditory space, Heyoka has been abducted, cosmically mind probed, upgraded and reconfigured in an extra terestrial lab on a planet known as Marklar. Fortunately he has returned almost entirely unharmed, and now shall be known as the artist currently know as Andreilien…

Andrei Olenev first emerged as HEYOKA on the San Francisco underground glitch/bass scene in 2006. By 2009 he
was touring extensively and quickly became a staple sound in the rapidly growing bass music scene of North America. With a constantly evolving, original style, he stood out amongst bass music producers as one who keeps the vibe going strong while venturing to explore new realms of sonic experience. Playing always live sets of his own original tracks, his music has been described as a journey through fractal soundscapes and alternate realms while riding the waves of fat glitch beats and earth rumbling sub bass.

Andrei has brought his signature sound to North American festivals including: Symbiosis, Sonic Bloom, Raindance, Lightning in a bottle, Big Bounce, Alchemeyez, and large Burning Man sound camps such as Nexus, El circo, Temple of Boom, Entheon Village, Roots Society and Fractal Nation. He has also played several international electronic music festivals such as Shambhala (Canada), Boom (Portugal), Earthfreq and Winter solstice (Australia), and Luminate (New Zealand). He frequently tours nightclubs and concert venues through the States and Canada, as well as internationally in Australia, New Zealand and Russia.

As Heyoka, Andrei released his first ep in 2008, and by 2011 had produced over six albums through San Francisco’s Muti Music, a leader in the glitch hop and bass music scene. In “Dub Iteration,” Andrei’s newest album and first official release as Andreilien, he revisits the dubby vibe of some of the earlier Heyoka releases with a newer fatter twist.

Further expanding artistic horizons, Andrei has been continually working to develop a multimedia project with original Visionary and 3D art to create full sensory fractal journey in a dimension of its own.

So, for a sonic journey so thick you can smell it, keep listening to signals from beyond for Andreilien playing in a noosphere near you…

Russ Liquid

Set apart from other up-and-coming West Coast bass music producers by his extensive world-touring history and performance experience, Russ Liquid brings a much needed injection of melody and emotion to the thriving dance floor community. Classically trained on the piano, trumpet, saxophone and flute, Russ Liquid applies the colorful tones of instrumental music to the realm of beats with dance floor-rocking results. This talented producer has found an entirely new palette to “paint” with, and now he seeks to bridge the gap between classical and modern music with new electronic technology and sonic possibilities.

ProJect Aspect

“In 2008, Jay Jaramillo developed ProJect Aspect, a progressive new paradigm for exploring music and engaging with the community. With over 12 years of dedicated musical experience, three of which were spent producing electronic music, Jaramillo has honed a highly developed style instantly recognizable and uniquely his own. With a pair of the fastest hands in the business and the unbridled passion of an inspired genius, Project Aspect wears his heart on his sleeve and lays his soul bare in every track he creates. His style encompasses everything from stunningly gorgeous electronic anthems featuring sultry female vocals to explosive, window-shattering, dance-floor bangers. Project Aspect is rapidly garnering support throughout the national electronic community and has shared the stage with artists such as STS9, Feed Me, Datsik, EOTO, MartyParty, VibeSquaD and Nit Grit. Within the past 2 years Jay has released 4 Full Length albums on forward thinking labels such as 1320records, Simplify, and Gruntworthy, one of which being a collaboration album with fellow Colorado comrade Unlimited Gravity, 2 Remix albums on Bandcamp as well as being featured on multiple Compilation albums such as Subsynthesis' 'Bass From Above and Mimi Page's 'Harmonious Heartbeats: The Mimi Page Remixes'. With a personal music library as expansive as the spectrum of human emotions, Jay has orchestrated his musical journey around providing an exceptionally unpredictable, unprecedented live performance. Project Aspect is only just beginning, and he has already performed at several noteworthy sites such as Sonic Bloom Festival, Wakarusa Music Festival and Global Dance Festival at the legendary Red Rocks Ampitheatre in Morrison Colorado. Each sets is composed of entirely original material, and every show is an utterly inimitable occasion of phenomenally relevant artistic expression and creative brilliance.”
-Ethan Baer (dubstep.net)

In 2008 I began ProJect Aspect, a new vision in a digital/electronic light. My Aspect is the specifics included within the depths of sound, creating multiple layers to overall provide an unpredictable live performance meant to touch the soul. A lot of emotion goes into writing tracks for me. The biggest opportunity to express my rawest of feelings and lay them all out on the table. I write songs to perform them live. Nothing makes my heart happier than playing live music and connecting with new people. In January 2008 I began pursuing musical creation in a new light. With electronic/hip hop influences ranging all across the galaxy, I Started "ProJect Aspect". A new vision, way of looking at music as a whole, an idea if you will. Computer performance is the backbone of this project and performing 100% Organic, original material is an essential piece in what which makes ProJect Aspect. With a vast array of heavy bass tones, melodic ambience, whompy hyphy crunchy beats, and mashup acapellas, Aspect brings a unique sound to the dance floor that will leave you craving more!
-Jay Jaramillo (ProJect Aspect)!

Freddy Todd

Freddy Todd is a man a plan a canal panama. Mr. Palmer makes electronic music or dUbstep//GliTcH HoP//LazEr CrunK, if you wanna get fancy. When he was a lad, he grew up on the drum set and then moved to the piano/keys and guitar/bass. These combined skills offered his musical synergy to disperse in the elctronic scene. Making a genre of its own, Freddy Todd will go down in history as raunchy ba$$-beater and one of the most innovative of the internet music craze of the 2010's. He has three cats and a dog named Buddy and Harrison's pool. His EP's include Ghost Dance Messiah (2009), Hallowz Eve (2009), and iLLegaL summer 'stache (2010). Some are available for free download at http://freddytodd.bandcamp.com/
He also has two remix EP's titled Space 5 Penthouse: A Remix EP (2010), Can't Fathom This (2010).

Lost Optical

Lost Optical is an instrumental electronic trio based out of Denver, Colorado. Over the past year they have played shows and festivals throughout the United States and have honed a meticulously tight live show. As members of The Mile High Sound Movement, they just released their third studio album, Late Carrier, on MHSM RECORDS. Check it out!​


I lived in the UK from '95-'97 and it changed my life! Put down my guitar, picked up DJing, and went to my first massive raves there. In '97 I moved from the UK to St. Louis, MO where I gave myself the mission to spread the music I had come to love, hardcore rave music. And for those who don't know, at that time it was jungle/DnB, Happy Hardcore, and Gabber!
Fortunately, I became friends with a
few musically like-minded DJs and I believe we helped to give STL's underground hardcore rave scene a strong UK influence. I played mostly DnB in and around STL with many residencies along the way, to name a few, "Dedication" Thursdays at LO (RIP), "Weird Science" on 90.3FM (RIP), Sunday "Ritual" at Upstairs Lounge, and the "Love Hz" show Fridays on bassdrive.com.
I caught the dubstep bug around 2006 thanks to my good buddy Jim K, and we ended up playing many shows together, the "Dub Hz" show on Dubstep.fm, and Jim K's dubstep night at Upstairs Lounge, among countless one-off's in and around STL.
I relocated to Colorado in the summer of 2010 and I'm absolutely loving the bass music scene out here and am looking forward to what the future has in store!

A native of Northwest Montana, Caleb Young (a.k.a. sAuce) developed an early appreciation for underground hip hop and experimental electronica. Young quickly delved deeper into these evolving genres at a young age, and after experiencing the West Coast’s immensely creative arts community in 2007, Young picked up his first set of turntables and sAuce was born.

sAuce started producing his own music in early 2009, and now after four years of intricately crafting his unique sound, he has taken his art to a new level. His compositions are saturated with visceral journeys through love, inspiration and meditation that guide his listeners through a multi-dimensional, immersive experience. Never confined to one genre, sAuce’s music is flavored with tastes of everything from crunchy, hip hop influenced beats to the futuristic musings of a New Age romantic. No emotional stone is left unturned through sAuce’s musical explorations, making his sets both dynamic and gratifying.

In May of 2011, sAuce saw his debut EP, Candy Painted Frequencies (via GruntWorthy), landed in Addictech’s top ten releases of the month. He later completed a full-length album, Forge Through Future in 2012, and more recently a two track E.P. Don’t You Know / Guilty Pleasures which are both available on his Bandcamp page. On May 26th, 2013 he released his two track EP, 19?9 on Muti Music. Already making his mark on the West Coast Bass Movement, sAuce is one to watch as he takes on 2013.

Liam Shea, aka Templo, strives to blend atmospheric soundscapes with head bobbing beats. With his music, you will hear all original riffs and drum beats, found especially in his latest releases, which included a double EP, Sunrise and Sunset. In the last two years, Templo has played alongside some of the top experimental producers such as Kalya Scintilla, Random Rab, The Polish Ambassador, EOTO and Bluetech. Appearing at festivals such as Gem & Jam, Sonic Bloom, and Arise Music Festival, Templo presents a unique live experience incorporating downtempo trip-hop, funk and dub elements, with deep melodic bass sounds.

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