Fuck Dave Strait Fest (Friday Night Show)

Frozen Teens

FROZEN TEENS started in the summer of 2009 when Ski and Will Simon's band, CORTEZ THE KILLER, broke up and Ski wanted to keep playing, so he asked Wil Olsen (formally of FRIENDLY) if he wanted to be in a band that records and tours, and he said "like a real band?" Yeah.

We started playing soon after that, working on some unfinished songs (and finished ones) from old projects, wrote new ones, played a lot of shows, went on two tours and are constantly recording.

The Gateway District

The Gateway District district formed as a side project in 2006 and has since evolved into something between a side project and a full project; call it…. a three quarters project? ie, between full and half? Yeah, that’s really catchy sounding. I like that.

Anyway, the reason it’s not a full project is because everyone in the band has been in other bands (The Soviettes, Dear Landlord, Banner Pilot, etc) at the same time, or is off traveling, or lives in a different state, and so on. But it’s super fun and we’ve actually been pretty productive, in my opinion, given the circumstances. In 2006 we released a four song 7″ record as a three piece band (I played both guitar and bass). We didn’t do much after that until 2008 when Carrie joined the band and I switched to guitar full-time. Since then we’ve released three full length albums (Some Days You Get the Thunder in 2009, Perfect’s Gonna Fail in 2011, and Old Wild Hearts in 2013) and are set to release a 5 song EP in late 2013 / early 2014.

Nato Coles and the Blue Diamond Band

I grew up near Milwaukee Wis., and started a band. I moved to Milwaukee, the band changed into the Modern Machines and that became my life until the drummer quit at the end of 2006. Then, I moved to Brooklyn and did the Radio Faces, followed by the Used Kids, both of whom put out one full length album and some assorted other records.

Now, I'm back in the Midwest. Me and the Blue Diamond Band are ready to rock some socks. Stay free!

Lutheran Heat


We're from northern Minnesota but we live in Minneapolis. We're community organizers, we remove tattoo's, we bring you food, we make your food, we like hockey, we like baseball, we do house shows, we bike, we go fishing... on ice, we play ping pong, we love cats, we enjoy many beers in a row, sometimes we have big beards, we play music together and we are on

The Dirty Hits

The Dirty Hits are a band from Minneapolis, MN, formed in the summer of 2007. They have released a 7-inch e.p., "The Weather Center," and a full-length record, "The Rumble and the Roar," both on Cheat Sheet Records. They most recently released a split seven-inch with Western Curses, also from Minneapolis. They include ex-members of The Crush, Heads and Bodies, Off With Their Heads, Mahkato and Incommunicado, to name a few.



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