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DJ Kochi has devoted himself to spinning house music for more than a decade. His signature sound of uplifting funky style house grooves with clean mixing and smooth transition has earned him many gigs and moved many souls on the dance floor.

Born in Bangladesh, DJ Kochi grew up listening to 70’s and 80’s pop music by tuning into BBC radio. When he moved to the States in 1991, DJ Kochi was exposed to many more styles of music. He then gained an interest in genres such as euro club, trance, techno, jungle, drum and bass, break beats, funky breaks, alternative, grunge, and, of course, house music. In the mid 90’s, DJ Kochi immersed himself in the underground electronic scene by regularly attending dance music festivals and club events. Moved by the electronic music culture, and influenced and inspired by great artists, DJ Kochi quickly gained a deep interest in DJing. In the late 90’s, in his first appearance in front of a live crowd, DJ Kochi won a DJ competition in Virginia Beach, Virginia. This opened the door for him and earned him gigs all over Virginia and in the DC area. It also gave him the opportunity to open for great talents.

Today, DJ Kochi’s music career continues to rise with appearances on radio shows and at many dance scene events. In the near future, Dj Kochi looks forward to spending more time remixing some of his favorite tracks and producing funky tunes of his own.

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