Jay Brannan

Jay Brannan

jay brannan was born under a rock in the coldest part of the himalayas where he was raised by trappist monks who taught him to maintain his body temperature without the necessity of food and clothing through intense meditation and really hard drinking. shortly after his first birthday, he suffered a graphic and painful death to a hungry mountain lion who wasn't so good at meditation and just needed a hearty snack.

it wasn't long however before jay's indomitable spirit reappeared in southeast texas to a family who actually wanted a girl. in many ways, they got what they wanted, yet the compromise seemed to be much more controversial than the original disappoinment. after years and years of southern baptist immersion in texas, canada, and oklahoma, jay found himself once again outside houston, TX, continuing in the public school system (quite similar to cattle herding, state prisons, or perhaps even the new york city healthcare system) and a conservative, repressive society infiltrated by a mixture of religion, rebellion, used car lots, and lots of barbecue (the latter being the most repulsive?).

by 1999, jay really threw a wrench in a small town's gears when he decided that he hated high school so much that he would graduate in three years. he then moved on to scarier territories by attending the university of cincinnati's acting program where he was kicked out after six months because they no longer needed his slave labor services to build sets for the musical theatre and opera students. it was quite the blessing in disguise, however. rather than transferring to another school and wasting more time and money going to college for a degree only slightly more useful than aromatherapy, he moved to palm springs, CA, to live with a man he met on the internet.

obviously that didn't last long.

in a matter of months, jay found himself living in los angeles, CA, in a tiny studio apartment off the sunset strip. what a star, huh? well, eventually the bathroom of that studio fell through into the garage below. so jay moved in with the guy he had been dating for a whole month. i mean, the guy's roommate had moved out...the timing was perfect, right?

right. so after that, jay moved into another little apartment in hollywood where he remained for about a year until moving to new york city where he has currently resided since 2003.

i guess at some point i should write a paragraph or two about all that's happened in the last 8 years, but i mean this thing is already so effing long...

Chella and the Charm

Originally from La Crosse, Wisconsin, folk singer-songwriter, Chella Negro, relocated to Colorado in August of 2000. Though spending the majority of the past decade living in Denver has certainly informed her songs with a spirit that can only be lifted from the ubiquitous concrete and glass of the city, the soul of a life spent growing up in a midwestern town remains the heartbeat of the music. Therein lies the inspiration for the title of her debut album, "Silos & Smokestacks." On "Silos & Smokestacks," the seemingly mutually exclusive elements of country heart and urban savvy fuse seamlessly into a collection of songs that is at once unique and comfortingly familiar. Having attempted to record the album previously in Brooklyn, NY, and with full band instrumentation, Chella scraped the early recordings in favor of a sound more representative of the spirit of her music; the only instruments to be found are her guitar and her voice. And reflected in her singing simultaneously are the pain of heartbreak, the joy and wonder of life, and the wisdom gained from experiencing both. Chella Negro's first statement is years in the making and faithfully carries the torch of singer-songwriter folk music past and current.

Hillary Hand

When listening to Hillary's music you would never know that this amazing songwriter, vocalist, and pianist has only been writing songs since 2011. While this endearing Colorado born musician has been playing piano since the age of 6, it took her 17 years to put the pen to paper and write her first song.

Unlike many her age, she didn't spend her time walled up, glued to a screen, or caught up in the tedium of everyday life. Traveling the world, finding love, and starting a family, her busy life is quite clearly a pool of inspiration that she draws from.

With lyrics that suggest a maturity usually reserved for those far older than Hillary, and arrangements that captivate, you can expect nothing short of brilliance from this artist in the years to come.

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