Nathan Angelo

Nathan Angelo

In the ever-changing landscape of modern pop, Nathan Angelo shines as a refreshing alternative, embracing the classic elements of popular music and celebrating the backbeat of American tradition. As the revival of music in the 60’s and 70’s brought together the heritage of the Great American songbook, the flair of jazz and heartache of the Delta blues, Nathan integrates these forms into his own music with great ease and delight. Like many Motown and Stax artists, Nathan’s musical craft was cultivated at a young age in the pews and platform of the church. It was there that he first witnessed the power music had to transport people beyond their present experiences.

As a seasoned performer, Nathan has captivated audiences across the country with his tight band and high-spirited live show. Fans of Nathan Angelo recently rallied to fund his latest project on Kickstarter with totals reaching 10K over the projected goal. The new album began with a creative vision rooted in Nathan’s love of classic soul and r&b. His dream was to create an original record that brought listeners back to the infectious, danceable sounds of the era. Out of the Blue (Sept 2013) channels the vibe with success, featuring fresh, amusing songs with sounds reminiscent of Marvin Gaye, Jackson 5, Stevie Wonder and Otis Redding. In order to capture the energy of the live show, Nathan and his band spent 2 days in the world-famous Quad Studios in Nashville recording analog onto 2" tape. The project incorporates the signature “call and response” singing style common to Motown as well as the distinct orchestration: horn sections, strings, guitars, snaps, claps, tambourine and the unforgettable keys.

To complete the aesthetic, Nathan’s breathtaking falsetto and honest, quirky and charming songwriting reach surprising new heights, satisfying listeners with an all-around experience of nostalgia, energy and emotion. The timeless and unique artistic direction of this record coupled with its phenomenal execution and production allow Out of the Blue to emerge as Nathan’s most exquisite work to date.

Melissa Polinar

Sharing her gifts is one of her greatest passions. Slowly audiences are discovering her and are quickly captivated by her unique artistry. Mixing soul, jazz, blues, pop, and some folk sensibility, Melissa's music finds a way for many to be easily hooked on no matter the age or background. Garnering an impressive online presence, Melissa did it with posting mostly original work on her YouTube channel - With a combination of vocal and songwriting chops, Melissa also plays keyboard, guitar, and violin.

As Music Connection Magazine boldly concluded, “This artist has a voice that is not only skilled and imaginative, but distinct in its tonal quality, allowing her to take the material to a higher level.”

Melissa started writing songs when she was only sixteen based in North Texas. She developed her talents by playing locally and gathered experience as a staff writer for Warner/Chappell in Nashville, TN in 2003. Since then, Melissa moved onto being an independent artist in an age where careers have been born via viral promotion and grassroots following. She’s played in numerous singer/songwriter venues, colleges, festivals, and charity events. She has also worked with experienced music industry veterans like David Ryan Harris, Ed Cash, Tony Lucca, Ernie Halter, John West, Keaton Simons, and many more. Other respected artists and record executives have showed their support or praise for her work such as Karmin (Amy Heideman & Nick Noonan), Kina Grannis, Marc Broussard, Ryan Leslie, Mikal Blue, and Jeff Vaughn (VP A&R Atlantic).

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