Beneath Oblivion

Beneath Oblivion

Beneath Oblivion is a band which started in 2003, recorded a demo in 2004, self- released their first full-length record 'Existence Without Purpose,' in 2006, released their split 10" record with Sin of Angels through 43rd Parallel Records in 2007, and released their self titled 10" record through Mylene Sheath Records in 2009, making waves through the underground.

The band is currently recording a new full-length record of the best material they've ever played. Crushing any preconceived notions and all material released up to this point. The new full-length is to be released on vinyl and CD by Mylene Sheath Records and tentatively planned for late 2010. The working title of this new album is 'From Man to Dust.'

Grand Inquisitor

Grand Inquisitor is a torture device with three moving parts hailing from south St. Louis, Mo.

Cathedral Fever

We started a band. Nothing interesting.

Four antisocial dudes taking delight in pushing contemporary hardcore punk into the dissonant shade of the dark astral unknown, and some shit.

Heavy Horse

Heavy Horse is comprised of three close knit dudes that want to have fun playing music that will shake you.



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