Ballerina Black, The Chelsea Royal, The Ultra Violent Rays, The New Room

Ballerina Black

:Driving Mope-Rock could be one way to describe their sound,
Grave-Wave may be another. Regardless of the sonic hemispheres,
the paradoxes that exist in the Los Angeles based quartet Ballerina Black are startling. Singer-songwriter Moynahan seems to be incapable of
answering band and music related inquiries without delivering a
hyper-metaphoric, stream of conscious response that's ironically
focused and congruent. This is ever-present lyrically as well. "Tears
and fury are not that distant of relatives,.. and sometimes funerals
are fun to dance at". The first full length (Cattle Arithmetic) was released in 2010. Soon after the band opened up for the likes of Silversun Pickups and Interpol at LA Greek Theater. Ballerina Black embellished on their sound releasing the first of a series of EPs in late 2012 under the division
titled Injureless. "Maybe if Nirvana had decided to do covers of the
Cure?,.. might come close to hitting some planet of reference in the
Black universe surrounding these guys sound". What is apparent, the
refreshingly austere catchy-ness of Ballerina Blacks message. But the
biggest mystery still remains... how long is it going to take the rest
of the world to start freaking out about this band?

The Chelsea Royal

The Chelsea Royal formed in Echo Park, CA, where members Rafe Pearlman, Marc Herron, Ryan Rocco McGuire and Eric Klerks began mixing bluesy indie-rock with flourishes of vintage soul and Floyd-inspired eclecticism. All members have enjoyed some success in previous projects such as Pearlman accompanying William Close and the Earth Harp on 2012 America’s Got Talent, Herron with notable underground Los Angeles band angeles drake, Klerks with The Magic Band who tours the UK frequently and McGuire in The Black Beverly Heels. However, with The Chelsea Royal the band has brought a unique palette to the table drawing on Pearlman’s Alaskan bush and gypsy experiences complemented by a Withers/ Zeppelin-esq vocal range and expanded by Herron’s recording and producing talents to flush out a centric-laden sound of it’s own. Releasing their debut E.P. entitled WESTERN PLEASURES in mid-2013, The Chelsea Royal will be booking Los Angeles shows and broader festivals for the remainder of the year.

The New Room

In the heart of a vast and complex urban sprawl known as Los Angeles; a city where reality is seldom far from the myth-- four individuals, brought together by shared musical tastes and aspirations, began making music together in an old downtown warehouse. There, on the other side of decadence, the group worked tirelessly to create a unique sound, drawing from post-punk/new wave, glam and indie dance rock. The four-piece took inspiration from some of their favorite artists, acts like: Roxy Music, Echo and the Bunnymen, David Bowie and The Chameleons. Armed with an arsenal of lush melodies, spine-tingling lyrics, infectious hooks and an explosive live show, The New Room soon emerged and began gigging at venues such as The Troubadour, The Knitting Factory and The Whisky A Go Go. In 2006 the band released a self-titled three-song disc which they recorded at Studio City Sound (Burbank, CA.) with the help of Grammy award winning mixer Tom Weir (Blondie, The Buzzcocks). Since then The New Room has continued to win over fans worldwide. Their debut full-length "Only World We Know" was self-released in April, 2009.

Anthony- Vox, Guitar
Mig- Guitar, Keys
James- Bass
Jason- Drums



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