Latin Rock & Salsa "SOL" New Year's Dinner & Dance Party

Latin Rock & Salsa "SOL" New Year's Dinner & Dance Party

The Sol Band ( L - R ): Victor Nolasco, timbales; Frank India, drums; Steve Schaaf, arranger and electric bass; Andres Soto, bari sax, alto sax, flute; Myrna Farias, lead vocals; Conant Radcliffe, tenor sax; Javier Claudio, lead vocals; Craig Caffal, guitar; Paul Giorsetto, trumpet; Al Conde, keyboards; Carl Martin, trombone; and Rafael Ramirez, congas.
Sol performs a mix of Latin rock and salsa to create a Latin sound for the 21st century. Based out of San Francisco, Sol started by paying tribute to the unique genre of latin-rock covering works from Santana, Malo, Sapo, Azteca, and others. Over the years as the group evolved via changing memberships, musical taste and experience, Sol's repertoire expanded to include its own originals, salsa, soul, and unique latinized arrangements of popular songs. The result is great Latin music for all people to move and groove by.. Sol's current membership draws from a diverse collection of musicians who's experience reflects that diversity. In addition to Latin and all its facets, Sol's musicians are involved with jazz, R&B, rock and other projects with each style being heard throughout Sol's performance. Come out and feel the heat from Sol.

$8.00 - $20.00


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