Arturo O'Farrill

Arturo O'Farrill

Arturo O’Farrill (piano/leader)
Alejandro Aviles (flute)
Adam O’Farrill (trumpet)
Earl McIntyre (tuba)
Neil Clarke (African percussion)
Carlos Maldonado (Latin percussion)
Bambam Rodriguez (bass)
Zack O’Farrill (drums)

Composer and pianist Arturo O'Farrill is at the forefront of modern composition. Few artists speak in such a diversity of musical tongues. He combines European harmony and instruments with those from India, Africa, and the Caribbean to bring an ensemble sound to bear that has no antecedents. “Resist” comprises a weaving together of different influences into a new fabric, partly rough-textured, but with an internal dialogue that honors of each musical idea. There is the combination of flute (Alejandro Aviles) and tuba (Earl McIntyre) - two ends of the tonal and pitch spectrum, in duet with one another plus trumpet (Adam O'Farrill). Sometimes they play the same notes, only octaves apart, and sometimes in counterpoint with one another. Latin percussion (Carlos "Carly" Maldonado) combines with African drums (Neil Clarke) and drum set (Zack O'Farrill), held together by the bassist Bambam Rodriguez, O'Farrill's pianism and a natural sympatico between these seemingly disparate instruments. Special guest slam poet Baba Israel is also featured.

Photo credit: Laura Marie Diliberto

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