Buck night! $1 beer!, Atlas, Doing what apes can't, The Holdaways, Chase Horseman (of TOWERS)

Buck night! $1 beer!

Join us for a special evening of Live music, cheap beer, fresh and cheap tacos/Burritos.

$1 cover
$1 Beer


Atlas is the name of a band based in Kansas City formed by Jonny Wooddell, Jeremy Chugg, Josh Orwig, Nick Welch, and Dave Dalbey.
We are proud of the music that we play and write, and unashamedly realize that, in spite of our best efforts, it frequently teeters on the edge of generic rock songs, unconvincing country ballads, or an unfortunate brand of 90s Pop-rock. Still, our goal is that in the end the songs will transform into something meaningful and honest, regardless of our flaws and musical shortcomings.

Doing what apes can't

Intensely good-looking rock funk improvised explosion - good cooks. ----- Jon Terrey/Michael Schroeder/Gregory Kolsto
Mike Schroeder met Jon Terrey while attempting sky diving in the Japanese highlands. They connected immediately, then deepened their connection by a common bond of the intense study & practice of culinary haiku. Every time someone cuts a remark, referencing wabi sabi, their faces turn very red. The first one to laugh buys the drinks. Gregory Kolsto can't read very well, much less learn in structured environments, so he's a little left in the periphery when it comes to conversations on poetry. Now, love songs, that's another matter. He's chasing after the coat tails of lionel richie, phil collins & peter cetera. It really comes across in the live set.so pretty. The three monkeys met over coffee and agreed to lock them selves in a sweaty room and not come out until songs were written. It is done. They are out.



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