Hot Action Cop

Hot Action Cop

Hot Action Cop, an American rock band was originally released on Lava/Atlantic Records in 2003. With a sound somewhere between The Red Hot Chili Peppers, AC/DC, Southern hip-hop, and Bob Marley, their self-titled debut album brought them global recognition, topping the charts in not only the U.S., but also Australia, Japan, and throughout Europe. The lead single “Fever for the Flava” was an over-the-top calling card, infamous for its no-holds-barred, cheeky stab at the hormonally charged “frat-boy” viewpoints on sex or the lack there-of.

Hot Action Cop’s music has seen multiple successes in film and television, as well as the video game genre. “Fever for the Flava” was featured in several motion pictures such as the American Pie Franchise’s “American Wedding,” “The Hot Chick,” and also appeared in episodes of the hit television shows “King of the Hill,” “Malcolm in the Middle,” “Smallville,” “Boston Legal,” and “The Man Show.” Frontman and songwriter, Rob Werthner also co-wrote the theme song for the Samuel L. Jackson/Colin Farrell blockbuster, S.W.A.T. EA Sports featured “Fever” as well as “Goin’ Down On It” in the video game Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2.

Hot Action Cop’s members include Tim Flaherty on lead guitar and backing vocals, Juan Chavolla on bass, Kory Knipp on drums and Brian Smith on guitar, keys and vocals. Werthner tops it off with a truckload of heart and soul, delivering his outrageous lyrical brain-droppings over HAC’s wide array of musical styles.

For the last decade, the band has toured nationally with a diverse array of acts, releasing independent records along the way. With a brand new full-length release in the works, HAC is hitting the road with their new live show, spreading the “Fever” across the nation.

After a drawn-out process of requesting a release from their Atlantic deal, Werthner began recording new material. Cycling through a series of band members made the effort particularly daunting. “Fighting through this period of my life was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done,” reveals Werthner, “but the end result is a feeling of balance and temperament, and an inextinguishable drive to create and perform.” The offering during this period was a 2009 EP release that was well received by HAC’s fan base. “Fan favorites like “La Dee Da”, “Face Down”, and “Baby Bottle” keep the live shows up and jumping”, says guitarist Tim Flaherty. “We love playing those songs, and can’t wait to play the brand new ones,” adds bassist Juan Chavolla.

In 2012, the time was finally right to record and release an upbeat, reggae/rock version of Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb”, an old fan favorite from HAC’s live show. Paying homage to both Pink Floyd and The Clash, the live rendition always raises eyebrows …and cheers.

That same year, Werthner also developed a brand new batch of songs and a new musical relationship with the addition of keyboard/guitarist Brian Smith. His multi-faceted musical abilities not only brought a fresh sense of accessibility to the recording process, but also a new approach to the presentation of HAC’s live show. Smith, who developed and performed with costumed funk favorites Here Come The Mummies as “Oozie Mummy” for more than a decade, injects a new “Fever” into the fray. “I had been a HAC fan for years and was thrilled when Rob approached me about co-producing their next record. Then to get the opportunity to hit the stage with them was just icing on the cake.”

The brand new music on the upcoming LP sees the return of Kory Knipp, HAC’s original drummer, and harkens back to their early days with some aggressive grooves and rhythmic vocal deliveries. “I love playing with this band, and the fact that Rob’s writing is so varied allows me the freedom to play a lot of different styles of music,” said Knipp. The new record promises to be an instant hook for HAC’s fan base, who have come to expect the music to be catchy and a great listen top to bottom.

When asked about the origins of the band’s infamous moniker, Werthner turns toward the fading orange Nashville skyline, eyes squinting from the glare of a long day burning its last bit of wick. He takes on a persona indicative of his blue collar, urban NY roots and lets out a prefacing expulsion of story telling breath. “With hair like Chachi from Happy Days”, he holds up his hand in a gesture of pause and searches for the proper description, “and an ass that rocked his designer jeans with finesse and confidence. An off duty, twenty-something NYPD officer rolls up to a local sports bar in Long Island [Werthner’s hometown]. His nonchalant strut cut through the two-for-one beer froth like a suburban fishing lure. He catches the eye of a pretty young bar maid, and that was friggn’ that.” From that moment on, front man Rob Werthner loses a girlfriend, and gains a band name.

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