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Colorado musician Joel Van Horne releases music under the moniker Covenhoven... it is also the name given to the cabin his grandfather built deep in the woods of southern Wyoming between 1955 and 1965.

Poet's Row

Mickey Bakas + Emily Hobbs = adorable, heartfelt, folk

Megan Burtt

Megan Burtt makes lists. Megan Burtt also makes lists of her lists. This list tells why Megan Burtt is one of the most exciting upcoming artists of the year.

While earning her degree in Professional Music and Songwriting from the prestigious Berklee College of Music, Megan formed her band, The Cure for Love, selecting some of the most talented young musicians in the country. Her drummer, James Williams, has played on Gary Burton's world tour. Lead Guitar, Kyle Hurlbut is the co-writer of the 2007 Nashville Songwriters' International Association Song of the Year. And Bass guitar, Adam Popick, is a sound engineer and producer for several published Nashville artists.

Along with her singing and songwriting skills, Megan also plays acoustic and electric guitar and piano. Following the 2006 success of her first EP, Portrait, Megan began learning to play the harmonica and travelled to Mississippi to play delta blues with the people who know it best. Seamlessly mixing elements of folk, blues, and rock, Megan's shows include meaningful lyrics and impressive instrumentation.

Megan won Colorado's statewide Colgate Country Music Competition when she was only 16 years old. She was a finalist at the 2007 Berklee Songwriters Showcase and received an honorable mention at the 2006 New York Songwriters Circle Competition.
When she is not playing music, Megan is usually listening to music, snowboarding or practicing Yoga. She has been known to jump out of airplanes and drive faster than the posted speed. Her music is influenced by Bonnie Raitt, growing up in Colorado, and traveling through South America, Africa, South Asia, South East Asia, and …well…Asia.

Her previous tours have taken her to the East and West Coasts and include gigs as a solo act as well as with The Cure For Love in New York, Boston, Nashville, Austin, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Seattle, Las Angeles, and the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Megan's music holds wide appeal. She has played in front of audiences consisting of liberal students and conservative retirees. She has entertained ship captains, soldiers, and children of the '60s. And that seems like a pretty good list of reasons to come see her next show.



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