I Don't Want These: Art Reception

I Don't Want These: Art Reception

The phrase 'I don't want these' might elicit feelings of negativity, rejection, or passivity. In the case of this work, however, it is a positive declaration.

Being absolutely sure of things you do not want is liberating, and should be celebrated, regardless of the path taken to arrive to that point.

I Don't Want These is a collection of drawings influenced by questionable decisions, moments of doubt, total elation, acquired friends and characters, temporary homes, collected stories, ghosts (real and figurative), not giving a fuck about anything, and giving a fuck about absolutely everything.

Each piece is a part of a journalistic narrative, suggestive of ongoing events and hidden back stories. They are singular contemplative moments to which a sincere and deliberate consideration has been made. And they actually do want to be wanted.

Maggie Bard is a printmaker and mixed media artist, who has exhibited extensively throughout Brooklyn and Boston. She has participated in several group shows, solo exhibitions, and has completed site-specific installations for galleries and film sets. She studied painting at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, printmaking at Massachusetts College of Art, and received her BFA in printmaking from Pratt Institute. She currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.


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