Landing was started in 1998 and includes Aaron Snow, Adrienne Snow and Daron Gardner. They have released eight critically acclaimed full lengths and a slew of EP's and 7" singles on labels including K Records, Geographic North, Strange Attractors Audio House, Ba Da Bing!, Music Fellowship, and Mind Expansion. Landing's music has been described as "inhabiting that amorphous space where time itself expands and contracts according to a delay pedal setting, and dream pop blurs into dream proper"- 8.0 Pitchfork. Inspired by first wave shoegaze, space rock, psych, krautrock, post-punk, post-rock, ambient, drone, and experimental musics, Landing forges these influences into "some of the best avant-prog and lo-fi space rock around" - 5 star review Mojo.
Landing has toured extensively across the USA, playing with bands including Windy & Carl, Kinski, A Place To Bury Strangers, Dirty Projectors, White Rainbow, Hood, Bardo Pond, Sonic Boom, Paik, and many more. As veterans of the space-rock, shoegaze, psychedelic music scene, Landing has been invited to two Terrastocks and the Brainwaves festival.

Kam Kama

From Bloomington IN, USA, Kam Kama had its beginning in spring of 2010 when guitarists Jim Kalwara and Patrick Clarke began writing songs with vocalist/bassist Scott Ferguson. After recording the debut 12" THE TILED HOUSE with the original live lineup, Kam Kama's founding members recruited drummer Clarke Joyner to complete the band's current lineup.

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