Bombo Belford

Bombo Belford

Bombo Belford is a nationally touring L.A. based comedian who has been featured on the Tim Conway Jr. Show (NPR) and Sirius Satellite Radio. Originally from Arizona, Bombo's humor is as dry as the desert heat, mixing word play with oddly placed street comedy. His most recent performances include the Stanford, UCLA, and UCSB campuses, the Comedy Works in Denver, the Comedy Store in Hollywood, and the world-famous Punchline in San Francisco. He is sure to make you laugh.

Daniel Frana

Daniel Frana is a comic originally from the backwood hills of Northeast Iowa. Due to an overactive pineal gland Daniel spreads lampoonery with good cheer everywhere he goes. You may have seen him at the Yacht Club in Iowa City, The Establishment Theater in Rock Island, The Wonder Bar in Chicago, or as a finalist in both the Funniest Iowan and IC4 Comedy Competitions. He's worked with comedians such as Tim Sullivan, Tom Sharpe, Jessi Campbell, and Brooks Wheelan. Come out and see why this young pup is one of the best up-and-coming Midwest comedians!

Shawn McGee

Shawn McGee is a born and raised Iowan. He has corn and red meat running through his veins. Growing up in Dubuque Iowa Shawn wasn't always the center of attention in fact he was a little awkward. Shawn McGee is the youngest of four boys. He is used to sitting back and watching the world unfold around him. He has spent his early years watching, listening, observing, and silently judging. Well His time is now he is tired of sitting back. He is stepping forward and standing up. The say you should always be scared of the quiet kids, well now this quiet kid has a microphone.

Donny Townsend

Donny Townsend is a comedian from the Quad City with the ambition of a foraging squirrel and the tenacity of a rabid squirrel. He originally thought comedy would help him get girls, but soon realized the only take aways were cheap drinks and a free therapy session. Although he tests most of his material out in front of his cats, he is also a regular at the Yacht Club and performs all over Iowa. He has been called "absurdly articulate" by Davenport city council candidate Andrew King and "just plain absurd" by most other people. In his spare time Donny likes to don pants, among other articles of clothing, usually while he eats and moves around.



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