Voss has been rapping for longer than you'd think, about pretty much everything you think about. The "HOW 'BOUT NOW?" EP dropped on your head in April and you don't even know it...yet. You can listen to his releases (including the FREE "It's On Me" mixtape) in their entirety at http://www.voss.bandcamp.com. Oh and you can find him on Facebook too. Anyway, he puts on a live show like no other. Trust me, I'm him. Catch me while you can still afford it.

Born in Livingston, NJ, Taizu is the first generation South Asian American in his family, the son of two middle class immigrants that escaped their homeland to seek of financial prosperity in the late 70s. Heavily influenced by Asian cultures with the combination of his American upbringing help differentiate Taizu's style and vocal versatility. His spiritual delivery and sage-like presence has become the core of his cult following. Taizu is focused on breaking social barriers through his music and sharing his unique philosophy of collective awareness with the rest of the world.


Born in flesh,Feb 7 1986 arrived thru way of Audrey Lea Ford and Vananda Palmer Jackson, stork arrived at West Chester hospital, made it thru the 86 blizzard. With a Anunnaki genetic bloodline tracing back 76 trillion years, Dr. Blake arrived projecting his light directly from the light side of planet Nibiru. The completion of the trinity appeared out of thin air by the name of Grizm, unknown for certain but it iz said that the infared light of Grizm projectz from the dark side of Nibiru.
First i would like to thank you for visiting the site. My name is
Amon (named after a Kemetic (Egyptian) Supreme Being), it means "The Hidden One." It is the same name many people call out at the end of a prayer, "Amen." Ra (a Kemetic sun deity) is the name that came to me as i grew. I arrived in the physical form shortly before western society's discovery of Nibiru. My mission is to enlighten and free the masses. Etheoryal is the theory that we, as a people, are ether beings who are limited only by our own thoughts. Etheoryal was created to educate and liberate minds through all mediums possible. This truely is a movement by the people 4 the people. My position with Etheoryal, in addition to being part creator, is rooted in every aspect of the movement. The main area of production 4 me is the 1-of-a-kind hand painted clothing pieces seen on the site. The symbols and colors used on the clothing are designed to activate higher energy wavelengths in the body. Higher energy wavelengths in
the body allow the entity to have positive physical and mental health. This is the purpose of Etheoryal.



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