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One of the most prolific and original groups in hip hop, the infamous Mobb Deep are still a very active force in today's music industry with twenty years of experience. The group has appeared on records that have sold over 40 million copies. Aiming from the Queensbridge neighborhood of NYC, the duo has been responsible for delivering some of the most popular and forever current anthems in rap music. . Tracks like "Survival Of The Fittest'" "Shook Ones Part II" and "Quiet Storm RMX" have remained significant and still move crowds from NY to Tokyo. Mobb Deep's ability to perfectly describe their gritty surroundings and lifestyle always made them a first choice for music writers and critics across the board. Mobb Deep have graduated to the role of cult group; today, they are followed by a new wave of cutting edge music listeners, as well as their original core foundation of hip hop aficionados.

The New York Times boasted: "No rap group — maybe no act in any genre — has gotten more mileage from straight talk than Mobb Deep."

D.Mil is the direct link to St. Paul's 20-year-old Hip Hop scene. Miller's older brother Jim was a break dancer with the St. Paul Wild Style in the E'80s, part of the b-boy street culture. Born into a single parent household on St. Paul's often wild and impoverished east side. Money was usually tight, but big brother Jim's classic Rap tastes, which included Run DMC, the Fat Boys, helped fill the voids as David, and Twin brother Edde followed Jim around the Twin Cities pioneering Hip Hop scene. Hip Hop and Music has been a part of my life as long as I can remember, D.Mil stated. Tragedy struck the family when D.Mil's brother, Jim, was killed in a car accident at the age of 19. Maybe to keep the memory of his brother alive or out of his growing talent as a rap writer and DJ, or both, D.Mil scraped together enough money in 1994 to buy his own turntable's and start his vinyl collection. It wasn't long before he was cutting with the best of the local DJs and attracting high caliber MCs.

Too young to work clubs, D.Mil worked "the underground scene" for years D started spinning in the Clubs at the age of 19. DJ D.Mil is a true Club DJ, behind the decks is a performance that will spark any size audience, MC skills that work the crowd into the DJ Set. I like to warm them up, than make em sing, says D.MIl spinning sing-a-long party anthem sets. Superb Beat Blends mixed with smooth scratches, feeling out what the crowd wants to hear is a DJ skill that D has mastered, with a extensive Music Selection Current to Classic Top 40, Hip Hop, & R&B dance Hits. Most recently D.Mil doing a Saturday Night Residence at the MYTH the Largest club in the Midwest Region, Hosting a Saturday Night Residence in Minneapolis new Dance Club Hot Spot Foundation, The live Top 40 Radio mix show Club 101 (spring 05) 101.3 KDWB FM, DJ host STAR PARTY 2005. DJ nights at Famous night clubs like First Ave., & Epic. Spring Break tours to Mexico w/ Spring Break Leader the last 8 years, sold out shows at the legendary Bora Bora and Midwest club dates around the region, opening slots for acts: SNOOP DOGG, AKON, CAIRA, Paul Wall, 36 MAFIA, BONE Thugs n Harmony, KRS-ONE, Twista, Juvenile, G-Unit, Dip Set, Tech 9ine, Beat Nuts, Talab kweli, D12, Tha Liks, Do or Die & Smash Mouth, Tour dates with the one and only 2 Live Crew and others. DJ sets with the biggest DJ's in the World: FUNK MASTER FLEX, DJ Mea, DJ AM, Grandmaster Flash, DJ Recktangle, & DJ Craze. D.Mil has been building his following and national presence for years. D.Mil has numerous national producing credits and album credits, The 2007 TC BEST DJ AWARD, 2007 SP Style Crew Award, 2006 SP Style Promo Team Award, 2000 MMA nominee for Hip Hop Record of the Year.

Recently landing a Original song in the TV Movie Just for One Night. Working today Producing for a host of leading DJs, MC'S, R&B singers, musicians, and mix masters, Miller has helped turn his home-based SP STYLE Studios into one of the engine's of the Twin Cities and St. Paul's legendary scene. His twin brother Edde still helps out the group with booking and promotion, For both, it's a legacy they're willing to continue whole-heartedly. "We're more about the music and culture in Hip Hop than street or gangster stuff. We're more genuine," D.Mil says. "We try to keep it all real. We know where we came from, and where we're going."


"Making music is about having an impact," exclaims DJ Carnage.
It's easy to feel the impact on every track the Los Angeles-based artist produces or remixes. With a versatile mindset and deft approach, he siphons electro, hip hop, pop, and trap into an intoxicating brew unlike anything out there. It's dirty, defiant, and diverse.
Carnage embraced music at a very young age. Before moving to the suburbs of Maryland, he grew up in Nicaragua and Guatemala. It gave him an international consciousness and perspective at a young age that would pervade his art. In order to get through long car rides with his mom, he'd make mix CDs of everything from Kanye West to Michael Jackson, and they'd listen to them together. It was with mom's encouragement that he began actually building his own tracks.
He recalls, "It's funny because one day my mom was like, 'Why don't you make your own beats?' I'd never thought of it before, so she bought me Fruity Loops. From there, I just got hooked."
He carved out a sizable local following in Maryland, slinging independent mixtapes and solidifying an online presence. Niles from The Cataracs actually stumbled upon his MySpace page and immediately became a fan. Their correspondence turned into a creative partnership and led to Carnage's signing with Indie Pop.
One of his first projects under that banner was a tripped-out and captivating remix of Yuna's "Live Your Life". Soon, Tiësto began spinning the cut on his popular Club Life podcast, while Paul Oakenfold inserted it into regular rotation on his radio show, Planet Perfecto. Carnage began turning heads. His "Festival Trap" remix of Hardwell's "Spaceman" soon exceeded 100k plays on Soundcloud, and he teamed up with Theophilus London and ASAP Rocky for the 2012 single, "Big Spender", and he co-produced The Cataracs "All You", featuring Waka Flocka Flame and Kaskade.
Everything simply laid the groundwork for the release of his proper debut, "Bang", on Fool's Gold though. It's an incendiary instrumental with a big hip hop bounce and a dubstep drop at just the right moment. "It's really massive," he enthuses. "It's a rap record with a huge drop. You never hear that kind of climax in hip hop or trap records. It's the perfect introduction to who I am because it touches on so many genres."
The single's B-side is a grimy and guttural gem that sees him collaborate with 15-year-old Chicago underground rap sensation, Katie Got Bandz. It's bound to get the internet going crazy.
There's nothing quite like seeing Carnage live though. Every show explodes based off his hyperkinetic energy and formidable presence. He's rocked stages at Nocturnal Wonderland, Electric Daisy Carnival, Coachella, and more as well as performing alongside Borgore, A-Trak, The Cataracs, and countless others.
"I'm a big black guy who loves to rage," he chuckles. "I'm not what you expect. I feed off the crowd and go for it."
That's why Carnage's impact will be felt for a long time to come.

Tony Bones

The Humble Tony Bones has been in music since he was 5 as a singer in church then later on in life around 14 years of age is when he started FREESTYLING hip hop music. Around the age of 18 he started actually writing music & recorded his first song when he was 19 years of age. From then on he's been an unstoppable "wrecking ball" force with music, movies, & much more.

TONY BONES is a 15 year hip hop veteran and life long living Minnesota Street Legend. Known for extensive street activity. Check my rap sheet for proof. I've started a company with 3 other partners in 2002. (Long D.O.E. Records LLC).
Then in 2006 I branched out & started a promotional entertainment company as
The sole owner of "Long D.O.E. Entertainment LLC" with this company I started a "Minnesota Trend" of Back to Back live shows monthly bringing in MAJOR artists.
For chances to work with all of them & was very successful at this.


TONY dropped his first solo album in 2006 titled "WHEN HUNGER STRIKES"
In 2005 dropped an album with Tony Bones Rap Duo BIG WIZ titled "WE MADE IT OFICIAL". Before then BONES & WIZ dropped 3 street EP's, All albums released under Long D.O.E. Records, Long D.O.E. Entertainment LLC, SP STYLES, & LYRICAL PRODUCTIONS.

TONY BONES is now writing scripts for movies, acting, director, producer, executive producing & shooting high quality videos for his and others future exposure. I write all my music & many verses & hooks for major artists. Consider
Him a rising mogul. TONY has much love for the supporters, fans, friends, family who have always been there.

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