Modoc, Discount Guns

Modoc's latest and first full-length release, Fortune and
Fame, was a leap of faith that resulted in their most honest
and creative work to date. Inspired by the high times and
hardships of life on the road, songs like "Dead in the
Morning", "Penance" and title track "Fortune and Fame"

shaped the record into an unexpected ode to life's everyday
struggles. Modoc found that their music was taking on a new
voice during the making of their latest record. Songs like "No
Use" and "Hard Times" dig deep into the sounds of southern
soul, where gang vocals carry the songs into a genre of their
Fortune and Fame was a follow up to Modoc's first
serious release, Passive/Aggressive. Although Modoc has
clearly evolved since they first dove into the Nashville scene,
the two records both share an aggressive style of guitar-
driven rock n roll and the band's need to be loud. Since their
earliest days of summoning cops with noise complaints to
their practices, members Clint Culberson, Kyle Addison,
Caleb Crockett and John Carlson have always cherished
doing one thing above all else, and that is playing live shows
and mastering the art of "wowing" audiences. The band will
tour in support of their latest record but expect more music
soon. Passive/Aggressive and Fortune and Fame are just
the beginning of what Modoc has to say.



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