inoculate is a 5 piece Alternative Metal band from Denver, Colorado.
Inoculate (stylized inoculate) is a 5 piece Alternative Metal band from Denver, Colorado.

The bands heritage is rooted in 1998, when at 13 years old, Guitarist Michael DiazSantiago and Percussionist Patrik Vormittag began playing together. The nucleus formed would strengthen over a decade later when Guitarist Nikko Gallardo joined an unnamed musical project in the fall of 2009. Obscure intervention would bring Bassist Paul Gerhardstein into the fold and by spring of 2010, the nameless group would become known as inoculate. The nucleus was strong, but incomplete. The final piece came in the fall of 2013 when Vocalist Scott Beckman joined the group. The sedation period was over and a new awakening had begun.

We are a nucleus of humbled musicians, stronger together than apart and dedicated to our craft. Our name is a suggestion to our beliefs; Music is an infectious medium and contains the power to persuade and elevate your being. Are you ready to be inoculated?


In 1947, the late Dutch-American astronomer Dr. Bart J. Bok was researching an unusual formation in space. Unlike most formations, Dr. Bok discovered sufficient traces of oxygen, carbon, nitrogen and sulfur forming dozens of complex molecules. Thorough research of the formation revealed that the roughly spherical region of the gas cloud would eventually extend over a distance about 7,000 times that of Earth's orbit around the Sun, then instantaneously implode and create four super musicians on earth.
Dr. Bok, called the phenomenon "Mushege," a native American term that meant "wild with madness," because that was the nature of the formation. Dr. Bok felt a bizarre connection with formation, and predicted that the Mushege implosion would eventually mark his death.

Sure enough, the phenomenon Mushege occurred the same day Dr. Bart J. Bok was found dead on his basketball court next to his dead gay wolf. Astronomers said their telescopes detected a radial flow of the tracer molecules, arising primarily from the outer parts of the collapsing cloud that extended a beam to planet earth, yielding four subjects.

The subjects were kept under close observation. They had remarkable orbs of rotating matter around them astronomers called "begaafdhied muziek," the Dutch term for "musical talent."

Early in the 21st century, to the observatory's demise, Mushege unleashed their musical fury on the astronomers penetrating nearly 5000 ear holes. They broke out, and now they play around Denver, and continue to penetrate ear holes with awesomeness!

Broken Image

Broken Image has had a few mental makeovers. After a few tiffs here and there, they are back in full force with a new outlook on their music and they're ready to tear it up. Broken image isn't about trying to play every single note on every song. They try to write songs that are upbeat, heavy and energetic. They write their songs keeping in mind how they will go live. Their music is for the fans, giving them the opportunity to let out all of their pent up emotions in some killer pits. Broken image is, 100%, a live band. If you really want to know what this band is all about, you've got to see them on stage and not just listen to their CD. Even though a lot of time and effort goes into the recording process, the real masterpiece is their live performance. So much passion goes into their set that there have been numerous injuries and hospitalizations after shows. Catch Broken Image live….you won't regret it.


Inelements is a five-piece alternative metal band originating from Colorado Springs, Colorado. Inelements is: vocalist Steven "Huk" Huckaby, guitarist Matt Tuttle, bassist Nolan Campbell, drummer Ryan Barber and guitarist Eric Madrid. Inelements was formed in 2007, when close friends Matt and Ryan began a search for additional members to form their project. Huk joined the band in late 2007, and No
lan was brought on in February of the following year. Over the next few years, the band developed their skills as artists and song writers, releasing their first EP, We're Waiting, in the summer of 2009. The album release announced the beginning of Inelements' first tour, a self-promoted and self-booked venture spanning two weeks and seven states in June of 2009.
The following two years were filled with a wide selection of multi-level performances as Inelements continued to increase their local fan-base while sharing stages with several national performers, including Drowning Pool, 10 Years, Saving Abel, Framing Hanley, HURT and Sick Puppies. In July of 2011, after nine months of studio production, the band's second album, Post Stress, was released. Post Stress marked the beginning of Inelements' new direction, one that would put the band back on the road, exposing new audiences to their music. In the same month, Eric Madrid, a close friend of the band who produced We're Waiting, was welcomed to Inelements as guitarist. Over time, Inelements has become a staple of local music in the Colorado Springs area. Through music and determination, Inelements continues to expand their artistic influence with each day.

Conquer Everest

Reigning from Littleton, Colorado, Conquer Everest is derived of four great friends with mutual desires to create heavy and positive music. Their passion for their music is best witnessed on stage, referring to their high energy shows. Their love for heavy music and promoting positivity will always take precedence over the lifestyle. Conquer Everest intends on being present in the Colorado music scene for years to come. Visit their facebook page for music and show dates at: (CE = Local Metal Supporters)

$5.00 - $10.00


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