The Grain & Bobby Jo Valentine

Bobby Jo Valentine

Witty wordplay, clever melodies...the nicest guy to ever pick up an acoustic guitar." LA Weekly's description of Bobby Jo Valentine hits the nail on the head, an acoustic pop singer from the Bay Area with soulful lyrics and vocals and catchy tunes. Winner of the 2011 Songwriter of the Year award from West Coast Songwriter's, Bobby is an acoustic force to be reckoned with. His album "A Place to Belong" has 5 stars on Itunes and has received props from Danny Malone, Bob Schneider, Freelance Whales, and Brian Lucey, the mastering engineer of Grammy award winners The Black Keys.

A mainstay of the Petaluma Rock scene, The Grain has gained notoriety with local music lovers who flock to Sonoma County's best venues to jam with P-Town's most powerful quartet. Guitarist and songwriter, Pete Delaney (Avocado Sundae), has played his special blend of jammin' Rock and Blues up and down the West Coast for over two decades. He is backed by the classically trained Graham Stearns (Tacklebox) who lays down some serious bass, local guitar God, Erik Stieg (SwampThang), and the baddest bad ass drummer, Sean England (Critical MEasures/Incubators). If you love classic rock with a twist of funky grooves and an energetic crowd to party with.... The Grain is a sure bet for a balanced diet of music fun!


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