Blues Boot Camp with Greg Sherrod

Blues Boot Camp with Greg Sherrod

Greg Sherrod is a master of Old School Blues,Rock & Roll and R&B. The Blues Boot Camp is geared toward players who want to learn the subtleties and nuances of of the Blues and R&B. Come sign up and sit in with the band. Music starts at 8 p.m.

The Morris Trent Band

Morris Trent was born and raised in New Haven Connecticut. As a young boy made makeshift guitars using two pieces of wood and rubber bands. It was his musical discovery at an early age that sparked Morris's love and interest of music.

Morris's mother, Nancy Trent, was a pianist who noticed his continued interest in music and bought his first guitar at the age of twelve. As he grew older, Morris continued playing guitar with his school mates and friends, which later improved his skills as a musician.

At the age of fourteen, he started playing with local bands in the New Haven area; establishing his musically, playing Jazz, Blues (R&B) and Funk. At the age of seventeen, one of his older musician friends, Gregory Nixon introduced him to two great musicians known as the Buster Brothers; Eddie and Bobby Buster. This was a life changing moment for Morris Trent.

Little did he know that his musical mentors for the next twenty-six years would be none other than jazz legends, Eddie and Bobbie Buster. At that time, organist and pianist Eddie and Bobby Buster just returned home to the Bridgeport/New Haven area after years of performing in Chicago with jazz legends Sonny Stitt and Gene Ammons.

Morris has earned a name for himself as a talented musician in the New Haven County area performing with other local musicians and gaining continued respect of old and new audiences. Morris has collaborated with other respected musicians such as Dickey Meyers, Hank Bolden, William Fluker, Lisa Bellamy, Kalim Zarif, Dave Dana , Michael Coppola and several others.



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