J. Lately & J. Good

J. Lately & J. Good

J.Lately [Bay Area] and J.Good [Sacramento] have come together with The DJBooth for the release of their debut album, “PB&Js”. The classic boom bap beats and witty wordplay remind listeners of golden age hip-hop, and the chemistry between the two emcees makes it hard to believe this is their first project together. The album includes features from Co$$, Grynch, and Rey Resurreccion, and production from Jansport J and Nefarious. Prior to “PB&Js”, both artists released several solo projects, which gained them the attention of notable blogs like 2DopeBoyz, YouHeardThatNew, and OnSmash. Throughout 2012 and 2013 they’ve been performing non-stop, having the opportunity to share the stage with legendary artists like Talib Kweli, The Hieroglyphics, KRS-One, and Evidence, to name a few. Their quality music and energetic live show have built a reputation and following that has now allowed them to hit the road on their first headlining tour.


They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. That seems to be the case with Sacramento’s Chuuwee a.k.a Chez Rivierra. Most young emcees name the upper echelon of rap royalty such as Jay Z, Pac, and Nas as influences, and while Chuuwee does acknowledges those artists as influences, he mainly names two major influences at the top of his list: East coast hip-hop duo Gang Starr and his mother. While Chuuwee was writing poetry at the tender age of 5 years old, his mother studied music production and it was in their home studio where the seeds of Chuuwee’s artistic aptitudes were planted, as he witnessed the creative the art form that is hip-hop. Between that and Gang Starr’s “Mass Appeal” video, not only was the seed planted, it was poised to start growing.

Rec League

Every once in a great while, God-given talent and geographical proximity combine to form a kind of perfect storm of artistic expression, a superhuman movement that shocks the world. Cubism, for example. Or the Wu-Tang Clan. After all, John Lennon and Paul McCartney are both musical geniuses, but what’s extraordinary is that they were in the same band. With George Harrison. When they were in grammar school. I mean, seriously, what are the odds on that? Well, my friend, all I can say is brace yourself, because it’s happening again. The tide is turning. The planets have aligned. So take off your haterpants, put on your gold chain, and get ready to love rap again—Rec-League is in the building.

Dregs One

Hip hop started out as a way to organize and uplift the community – with a mixture of civil rights and creative expression, Dregs One is an artist who is doing just that. And as an influential emcee/producer and a community organizer in the movement, he “can’t help but be aware.”

“I’m tired of the gangster rap bling bling fantasy that they show on TV,” he says. “We can’t lose sight of what’s real.”

His newest project, The Wake Up Call, illuminates the street politics of California’s Bay Area, taking listeners on a journey into the Frisco haze with his jazzy beats and eloquent rhymes. Coming from a background of graffiti, freestyling and beat-boxing he credits his creativity to the diverse style of his rap group, the Gas Mask Colony.

Dregs One has made a name for himself in the Golden State appearing on numerous releases and music videos, and touring in other parts of the country. With a passion for justice and a dedication to rapping about issues that plague inner-city youth like homelessness, drug use and violence while sampling artists such as Sade and the Doors, Dregs One is changing the world with his mic and turntables.


Praised by hip-hop enthusiasts as a young rap prodigy mature beyond his years, sayknowledge has a penchant for matching "highbrow" lyricism, with street accessibility. He has a dizzyingly malleable flow, stretched wide by a broad range of multigenerational pop-culture references. Raised in San Francisco, he started making music at a young age, pushing the hyphy movement with his friends until they saw it slip away into commercialism. Eventually he struck out on his own, forging new sonic paths influenced not only by the Bay Area sound, but also classic R&B, soul, reggae, & funk music. He recently released his first full album entitled "Vibe Called Quest", which was produced Mars Today & Mikos (40Love).

Telli Prego

Telli Prego of the Gas Mask Colony, The Blacksmiths production team and Mactown Ballhogs. Born and raised in the Sunset District of San Francisco CA, He has set out to bring his own style of Hip Hop to the ever so talented but often ignored SF Hip Hop scene and the rest of the world. He is currently working on his debut solo release titled "Mouthpiece Over Matter", which is expected to be released Summer 2013.

DJ Okeefe

The Blacksmiths are a San Francisco based production team made up of Telli Prego of the Gas Mask Colony, and the producer Okeefe. With sounds ranging from the deep south, all the way to west coast. Both sampled and original production, the two have a wide range of music knowledge and have been making tracks together since 2006. With more projects in the works every day, expect to see new music many times a month.

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