Endless Summer Fest 4 featuring...One Year Later, From Under The Willow

One Year Later

From Under The Willow

"Imaginative, crass, and rebellious”
Ladies and Gentleman, meet From Under the Willow.

Produced by a strong studio line-up of Atrium Audio (August Burns Red, Texas in July, This or the Apocalypse) and Ricky Armellino (I, the Breather, Carousel Kings), the band's first self-release "Outlaws" is an undeniable mash up of unambiguous one liners, flurried guitar work, sans-tuning triple harmony pop choruses, carefully composed electronics, and a technical heaviness that can only be from the well-known central-PA region. With a seemingly endless bag of techniques, FUTW brings all of the modern flash to the stage without falling prey to the maladies ailing an endless wave of sound-a-likes in the genre, FUTW swaps out the "could be anyone" screams and squashed auto-tune singing to bring an indistinguishable message to each song that could only ever be from FUTW.

What sets From Under the Willow apart from the metal-core pack isn't just careful arrangements and catchy hooks, but a honest, punk ethos that fully alters the style together. Wes Good's vocals are sincere, embodying a brutal honesty rarely found in other lyricists of the genre. FUTW skips the standard "keep the kids happy" lyric sets featuring vague themes of redemption, pursuit of happiness, and heartache and remains unashamed to write about real life circumstances of today's youth. The 11 tracks of "Outlaws" tactfully tell stories that scream "I've been through this before": A loved one hides her phone when her ex-boyfriend calls her back before silently acknowledging it a matter better left un-discussed, a young man ruminates over the times he chose to drive under the influence, an erratic boyfriend tells his lover in a moment of honesty that she shouldn't be afraid to risk leaving him. Every track has a realism that, on one hand young and coarse, exhibits a rare wisdom for the heavy music genres.

From Under the Willow can't be impersonated and are surely going to take other artists to task for hiding who they truly are in their songs. Fans of We Came as Romans, Texas in July, I See Stars, and Attila will each find everything to love about this band and more. From Under the Willow has not only created a hype or a following. They have created a new genre, scene, society and a movement.

A World Once Silent

We are A World Once Silent and we've been together since May 2010. We released an EP, In the Company of Wolves, on 05/30/11 and we've been getting great reviews on it. We are currently playing shows, writing new material and hitting the studio mid-October 2012 to record a full length which we hope to release early 2013. We are always looking for shows, so please hit us up if interested in having AWOS play. We enjoy talking about music, love performing and meeting people.

Between The Lions

Comprised of different musical backgrounds, and a common hunger for burritos, Brittan, Joey, Kyle, Devin, and Hayden formed the band that is known as Between the Lions! They have accomplished a great deal in a short period of time, sharing the stage with acts such as The Human Abstract, Born of Osiris, This Or The Apocalypse and many more. Last year after being picked to join the Rock Yourself to Sleep Tour, they went on the road with We Came As Romans, For Today, The Word Alive, Woe is Me, and Texas in July. Around the same time they were featured in Alternative Press as one of the top unsigned bands that you should know. If you are fan of bands like the Human Abstract, Underoath, and Protest the Hero, then Between The Lions is definitely worth your time.

Combining technical and heavy with melodic, this band tries to stick out and separate themselves from the local music scene with their unique sound. They just finished recording their new album with Carson Slovak and Grant McFarland of Atrium Audio in Lancaster, Pa. The album has yet to be released the band is planning on getting it out as soon as possible. The two tracks "Symphonies" and "Definitions" from the album
have already been made into music videos. “Definitions” has not been released yet but “Symphonies” can be found on YouTube and the bands Facebook page. A lot of good things are in line for Between the Lions so make sure you check them out and stay tuned for everything that is to come!


Rising from Lancaster, Pennsylvania is a band known as GLADIATORS. Lancaster is a cultural hub located amongst five major U.S. cities known for bringing audiences together in the vibrant music scene exclusive to the region. GLADIATORS work tirelessly to set themselves apart and establish a new frontier in the genre of metal. They bring a fresh perspective and direction to a scene that has developed a specific sound.

Guitarist, Josh Krantz, emphasized, "I've spent too many years playing in bands that had nothing to say with a vision that was cloudy. Now the group is solidified with a clear path of where we are going and what message we want people to hear. We are loud. We are aggressive. And we most certainly have a brand of honesty that countless can relate to." GLADIATORS worked meticulously for the better part of a year to establish their release and make sure that the tone was set right from the get-go.

GLADIATORS debut record, “One Tooth at a Time”, was produced by Rick Armellino of This or the Apocalypse. Listeners can expect to find songs that consist of spiraling melodies, fast-paced riffs, and devastating breakdowns on the release. “One Tooth at a Time” delivers a unique blend of sounds for fans of metal, hardcore, and progressive music. The band is setting out to inspire its audiences with an intense amount of energy along with a blue-collar work ethic . Vocalist, Mike Hart stated, “This upcoming release has really pushed all of us as musicians and as people. I hope that our fans will get as much from our music as we in the band do.”

Prepare for the onslaught that is GLADIATORS.

A Murder In Mayfield


Royal/Revise isn't just a band, it's a feeling, an emotion, a choice. A choice that every member makes with their heart. It is the result of the years of hard work that the members put in practicing their craft, years of feeling like they were meant for something more than a "normal" life, and years of wanting to inspire others to believe in themselves and know that there is a greater purpose in life. We are Royal/Revise (Devin, LJ, Alex, Damen, and Tony) and we strive to write music that will inspire, encourage, and move the ones that listen to it.
Royal/Revise was formed in February of 2012, with brave intentions. Over the course of the next few months, shows were played, members were lost, and a single was recorded at Atrium Audio with producer Grant McFarland (Former drummer for This or the Apocalypse). The first single released by the band titled "Lifeless" was released in late May 2012, and was received positively by the local fan base.
With the single released to satisfy their fans, the three remaining members of Royal/Revise took the months of June, July, and August of 2012 to improve upon their skills as musicians and write new, more moving, and more technical songs. Along with the addition of new musical skills, Royal/Revise welcomed two new members to the band, Alex Skraba and Damen Ordway.
With the current lineup solidified, Royal/Revise began playing shows again to build their following. With a powerful, energetic, and passionate live set, Royal/Revise won fans, and friends alike.
With four months of playing live under the current lineup's belt, the band decided it was time to reveal their new material to the world. With that decision, the band headed back to Atrium Audio in early January of 2013 to record their debut EP, "Revival". With the recording of their debut record finished, Royal/Revise is ready to unleash their music and bring inspiration and hope to hearts around the world.

$10.00 - $12.00


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