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In 2007, longtime best friends Rocky Tinder and Eric Phipps moved to Portland, Oregon and decided to start a band. With all the buoyancy and idealism of youth (being fresh out of high school at the time), and stimulated by the massive amount of creative output surrounding them in their new city, they sketched out a vision for a massive friend band - the possibility of getting every single one of their buds on stage and creating a monumental live show. Yet both boys have discerning taste, having backgrounds in music theory from a tender age, and questioned the logistics of a chaotic set-up. Moreover, they were enamored of the freedom that local dance music outfits had with their compact set-ups, allowing these acts to show up and throw down anywhere. Accordingly, they tweaked their vision and decided to just do it themselves. Armed with two guitars and an iPod filled with their meticulously prerecorded beats, bass lines, and bells, they became Wampire – two boys on a mission to have as much fun being a dance-rock duo as 20 people combined. Now, 3 years later, with the new addition of drummer Cyrus Lampton for extra beats and extra smiles, it is very safe to say that Wampire have succeeded: this band is epically, epically fun. Whether rocking out in the dark of a nightclub, with Flashdance projected behind them from out of Tinder's gold-painted VCR, or stripping down to their skivvies during an afternoon parking lot performance, Wampire is a sight to behold. They're certainly not taking themselves too seriously, but one can say a lot more than that about their live show. Their easy chemistry and inexhaustible joviality is totally infectious – you're powerless to resist the dance floor when they take the stage.

Street Spirits

Street Spirits started out as the solo project of Todd Heaton (KO, Our Imaginary Friends, PONS). Heaton recorded an E.P. titled "Todd Heaton's Street Spirits" which was released in the spring of 2011. He performed at house shows and small festivals for almost a year as a solo artist. In August of 2012, Musical Family Tree ( content curator Jon Rogers discovered the E.P. and wrote a piece about it for the site. In short order, Todd was asked to play an Indiana new music showcase curated by Musical Family Tree. He agreed to play, and assembled a band to back him live. Todd recruited Christian Taylor (America Owns The Moon), Nick Peoni (Glory Hole Records) his brother Wesley Heaton (Queen Size Twin Air Recording Studio) and his sister Ami Heaton (Our Imaginary Friends) for the first band show. Following the showcase, the project turned into a full on group, and was renamed Street Spirits. A short time after, two new members and a contributor were added to the group. The line-up now includes Chris Fry (Margot and The Nuclear So & So's, The Academy) on drums, Dayton Ray Neely (Shadeland, The Division League) on guitar and contributor Ben Walker (Blood Bank) on drums. Currently Street Spirits is putting the finishing touches on their debut L.P. It is scheduled to be completed later this summer.



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