Butchers & Bakers

Butchers & Bakers

"I don't live here I'm not one of you," sing Rebecca Keith and Eli Jacobowitz in "Brunch," over an underwater staccato keyboard line. Butchers & Bakers' first release with guitarist Jacobowitz showcases the band’s new lineup with Jacobowitz joining Keith, Hank Baker on bass, and Mike Morini on drums. Elements of indie, psych, grunge, and a touch of pop blend to form lush and dynamic songs about the displaced and the displacers, landscapes urban and otherworldly, sound itself, and the process of making. “I forgot my part/ I forgot my art / I forgo my art,” sings Keith. You won’t.

"... the Brooklyn four-piece’s new psych-tinged single, “Brunch,” which CMJ has the pleasure of premiering today...kicks off with an ambient, haunting guitar line that will lure you into a false sense of calm—like eating a syrup-drenched stack of pancakes and sipping a mimosa—but the tone changes as the band breaks into the powerful, impassioned chorus with Keith proclaiming, “I don’t live here/I’m not one of you.”

"Grounded by an amazing guitar lick and Rebecca Keith’s powerful, Riot Grrl-worthy vocals, the song absolutely soars. “Emulator” is one of those rare tracks that allows you to hear all the influences and genres a band is working with, but still not be able to put your finger on just one — it’s a perfect mélange of the past and something completely original. The track’s juxtaposition of lightness and a grungy heaviness is worth some serious listens to make sure you hear everything that’s going on."
— The Wild Honey Pie

"Bringing to mind Helium and Show Your Bones-era Yeah Yeah Yeahs, the band plows through tight psych-inspired indie rock, with enough of a hint of grunge to make that flannel you're rockin' feel totally appropriate."
— Serious Business on Breakthru Radio TV

The Homophones

Indie dream pop from Philadelphia. "A lo-fi Smiths? A hi-fi Beat Happening? The Homophones can lead you somewhere really artsy, dreamy, and lush."--CITY PAPER

The Fantastic Imagination

Guitarist, vocalist and keyboardist Josh Meakim of the band A SUNNY DAY IN GLASGOW describes his new side project THE FANTASTIC IMAGINATION as such: "For now this is just some weird recording project where I can do whatever I want and call it one thing. One week I may decide to make songs for a musical called American Taxicab Werewolf. Maybe Ill decide to take a ride in the Electronic Spaceship of Music tomorrow. All in the name of cool music that I would like to listen to. Ill keep posting random unfinished songs and maybe one day soon Ill have enough finished songs to finish a finished collection of finished songs. I used to be in a band called Dragon City and this is sort of the continuation of whatever that was all about. Sorry Im not rocking out as much, Im almost deaf. However my love for noise will certainly be revisited upon finishing these songs. I am open to lyrical suggestions since I have little literal inspiration these days. "



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