Atropolis (Record Release Party!)

Atropolis (Release Party!)



Myk 2melo is a local Dj, rhetorician, soul rebel, funked out philosopher, and truth seeking drum banger currently contemplating outrageous conundrums. When not engaged in such activities "Myk" aka "Tumi"( pronounced "Too me") aka 2melo y Dos Melo, or just Dos, enjoys fascinating conversations on the complexities and simplicities of life while residing on brooklyn roof tops or in igloos. Some of Myks favorite activities are: listening to music that he does not understand.. pretending to know how to samba... jumping off mountains while sipping on coconuts, traveling the globe in search of other worlds... engaging in real conversation with real people... creating culinary works of art such as his famous ThaIllThaiPenutbutterCurryPastaSauce... and spending quality time with his grandma. You can catch him rocking it at Bembe with the Cumba Mela Crew or solo at various Loft Parties, fiestas, siestas, Burning Man events, underground time capsules and beyond check out some of his mixes on dis here page

Visuals by Valeria De La Pava


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