Element a440 delivers an intelligent brand of Edgy, Hook-Heavy, Dark, Melodic, and Electronic rock that enthralls its listeners. Spreading from the band to the individual, the intense lyrics and seductive sounds merge with the mind and body, through the crowd like an epidemic until all are as one. A new album is currently in the works so expect many great things from Element a440 this year!

Public Display of Aggression

We are a group who has endure many trials, tears, and hardships. We hail from, roughly, Denver Colorado. We are a high energy, very aggressive quintet with the sounds of Mudvayne and As I Lay Dying with a message like Rage Against the Machine. We are an aggressive metal group with a punk message. The powerful lyrics and vocals of James Aggression, The guitar skill and speed of Jimmy Shoe, heart stopping powerful Bass of Dashing Kenny Daggers and the gut busting powerful pounding of the drums of Mattitude. All pieced together with some nice rhythm by MANiK. We are the next big thing to come from Denver. Public Display of Aggression will NEVER die! We will NEVER bow! And we will NEVER quit.



Playing The Gothic Theatre July 18th!!

Break Point Method


Climbing to unimaginable heights of musical talent and inspiration, Endeavor is a well armed force to be reconed with. Hailing from the soft,ashy, underbelly of Denver, rises this firey phoenix of discovery and passion. Be assured, the music scene has felt the swell and the competition pales, running scared from the prospect of taking the post stage position. As the warmth and energy drains from the crowd and venue, wellness is restored to all that can proudly call themselves
"Allies For The Endeavor".

The true meaning of ENDEAVOR is fulfilled. Here is the beginning and the end of the journey, the Alpha and the Omega. The perfection and beauty of this compilation has left an entrenched mark on the entire industry which begs the question "Who the hell are these guys and howcome I don't know them?!". With a sound so immersive and unique, this group is blowing up the Denver music scene. If you havn't seen the live show, do yourself a favor, and rush out to the nearest show date.

Fist Fight

Born from the Colorado metal scene, rarely does a band this versatile and powerful come about, with goals of dominating audiences and searing their blazing sound into the minds of those listening. By way of a thunderous approach, Fist Fight is a combination of numerous musical philosophies and styles which comes at you from every possible angle. Utilizing raw, yet polished techniques at the same time, they fold in a unique blend of technical ability, hardcore, grove and traditional metal riffs accompanied by punkish tones, and a level of unforeseen forceful aggression that commands notice by pounding onlookers' teeth down their throats with a take no prisoners attitude.

The initial foundation of Fist Fight was laid in December 2010 when guitarists Jon Maggard and Nich Rich began to build the band from the ground up. Bassist Adrian Montoya joined the duo in March 2011, and after trying out several drummers and
vocalists, drummer Chris Day and frontman Dustin Holmer solidified the monster collection of talent to create Fist Fight.

With decades of collective experience in the music industry, the members of Fist Fight come from an impressive resume of bands, of which a partial list includes Less Than Under, Chromax, Control Element, Guilty Of Aggression, Skapegoat and Ceverence. Their members have also performed alongside well-known bands such as Hed PE, Snot, Motograter, Hemlock, LA Guns, White Lion and Chimera, to name just a few. Through hard work and natural talent, Fist Fight is poised to set the metal world on fire with an explosive sound that, prior to the band's inception, was unheard of.

Fist Fight uses Shure Microphones, Gibson, Jackson, Epiphone and BC Rich Guitars, four and five-string Schecter Basses, Dunlop Sharp Picks, POD Pros, Mesa Boogie Amps, Peavey/Carvin Cabs, Eminence Speakers, SWR Workingman and Peavey Heads, Monster Cables, Pearl Export Series Drums, Ziljian Cymbals, Pearl Hardware, Pedalstand Evans/Aquarian Drum Heads and Vic Firth 5b Sticks.

Don't allow yourself to be caught off guard; the era of the mighty Fist Fight has just begun.

9/10 Of The Law

JACOB:VOCALS/GUITAR ESPO:BASS/BACKUP VOCALS SCOTT:DUMS SHANNON:GUITAR---------- 9/10 OF THE LAW was formed in August 2005. Each has played in different bands along the way, from Florida to Colorado, ending with this present project. 9/10 has played numerous venues in Colorado, showcasing their old-school metal tunes with a heavy groove and crushing vocals to boot. This band is best experienced LIVE, so support ur local bands.

Krash Karma is a hard rock band based in Hollywood, California. The band was formerly known as Suicide Holiday. The lead singer, Ralf Dietel, is the former guitar player of Nine Inch Nails. Krash Karma's current lineup includes Ralf Dietel as lead singer and guitar, Niki Skistimas on drums and vocals, Elias Tannous on lead guitar and vocals, and Nick on bass guitar. The band has toured places such as the United States, Germany, Africa, and Morocco


Originally a "coup stick" was used to display the bravery of a warrior. An Indian man's status was decided by his courage as a fighter and his success as a hunter. The ultimate act of bravery was to get close enough to touch an enemy with a coup stick and let him live (and also survive himself!) The proudest day of any young warrior's life, was when he counted his first coup.

In our case; "Coupstick"(all one word) is a movement that touches everyone, not just your enemy. It's a movement that you can be a part of…It's like the wind when it touches your face it can be both soft and harsh. Either way you FEEL it.
Coupstick Kicks ass

$7.00 - $10.00


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