Duos- featuring - City Mouse (Brian Revels and Jenna Shea Mobley)

Duos- featuring - City Mouse (Brian Revels and Jenna Shea Mobley)

City Mouse is the collective spirit of Atlanta-based songwriters, Brian Revels and Jenna Shea Mobley. Born in the latter part of 2012 amongst the trash heaps and decay-filled dumpsters of the Big Peach's outskirts, City Mouse is a bastard-spawn of too many nights of drunken conversations about a shared sense of appeal for the Americana movement and nostalgia of the past (in general).

 One lucky day, these rat bastards stumbled into the Tin Roof Cantina to find Jenna Mobley sawin' a fiddle in half with Atlanta-folk badasses, Sailing to Denver. And after a few songs and few beers they worked up the courage to get a name and number (for business reasons, of course).

Generally accompanied by a banjo (plus Brian's overzealous, tempo-tempting footstomps), a guitar, and a double-bass, played by the talented Miss Mobley, the Mouse's lyrics are the words that keep these brokeass, hopeless romantics spending all their tip money on microphones and strings. http://www.citymousemusic.com/

That is only to say that they mean them. And hope you can relate in this collective human experience. This rat race. ...Mouse race.

Thank you for your interest.
Passerine’s distinctive sound combines 3 and 4 part vocal harmonies, the crisp rhythms of an acoustic guitar, the haunting voices of the fiddle and dobro (resonator slide guitar), the resonant lows of an acoustic bass. With this unusual arrangement of voices and instruments, Passerine offers a fresh take on traditional folk and bluegrass music as well as a repertoire of original songs that range from sweet ballads to the edgier side of contemporary Americana.

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