Harms Way

Harms Way

Chicago, IL hardcore/metal band. Think in the vain of Merauder, Integrity and Machine Head.

Dead In The Dirt

Dead in the Dirt was formed by guitarist Blake Connally (ex final expression, me and him call it us) in Dec. 2008. This project did not see much progress occur in the first two years until the addition of drummer Hank Pratt (foundation, daymark, skull kingdom). Bo Orr (Mosaic) would then join on bass and provide vocals as well. Their debut release "Vold"was self released in summer 2010. Their follow up release was a Tour EP for the band's first west coast tour with Foundation. Their third release will be a 10 song 7" released by Southern Lord Recordings in September 2011.


Space Duster.

$8.00 - $10.00


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