We are not a band, we are a party.


Jock Powerviolence


"We know we ain't too pretty, we know we're outta' line. We're out of luck, but who gives a fuck? We never spend a dime"


"Six tracks of down-tuned, head cracking, thick skulled hardcore in the vein of early Merauder or any other band that you wouldn't be surprised supporting thick hair braids, bandannas, and stomach tattoos. Age of Ignorance toes the "Slayer-line," an imaginary line in which a band straddles being a hardcore band or a metal act. However, Downpresser are thankfully fast enough to keep hardcore kids happy, but also have enough blistering solos to have even the most inept air guitar player swinging a mean imaginary axe. In a hardcore world filled to the brim with crappy "deathcore" bands singing about rape and partying, it's good to see bands like Downpresser keeping metallic hardcore, well, hardcore." - Age of Ignorance review,, December 2009

Bitter Thoughts

Avalanche A.D.


WHUT? an aggressive hybrid of American Punk & Trash Metal, that is setting the example of what should be classified as HARDCORE is in 2011. Hailing from across greater Chicago-Land, currently based out of Joliet, Illinois. This DIY band has been paying dues in the underground scene since 2002. Earning respect for a sound that is ready to rip the face off of your screaming skull, intense live performances backed by showmanship, great production and endless gorilla marketing. Pervert Bastard Scum (Guitars), Philly D (Drums), J.Keen (Vocals) and Lil Rick (Bass), round out the make-up of WHUT?'s skeleton. The Band has changed line-ups a few times since 2002, with the current being the rowdiest to date. With multiple demos that have been circulating with various line-ups of the band since 2002. WHUT? reemerged in September 2008 with "Through It All, We Stand Tall!" released on upstart label Scumbag Entertainment Records. The E.P. captures WHUT?'s anger after losing the master recordings of a full length album and replacing members. While not succumbing to the uphill battle of rebuilding momentum while finding the way to becoming a tighter more aggressive unit. WHUT? supported the release with a filled-to-capacity show at Chicago's last real punk bar, The Mutiny. Created the now annual The Prison City Halloween Massacre (in its 4th year), set out touring the Midwest and East Coast. During 2009's "No Coast to the East Coast" tour, the band performed on New England's longest running metal radio show, "The Stress Factor". WHUT? recorded their 2nd release in one take and live on the air. "WHUT? - Dead Air - Live on WUML" dropped in September 2009. 2010 started out with a fury, recording the emotionally-charged "Laughing with the Sinners" with Producer/ Engineer Nick Nativo (Oceano/ The Frantic) at The Nook Recording Studio. After tracking the album, WHUT? headed back out on the road with Nassau Chainsaw on the March Madness Tour, and played dates with Macabre, Jungle Rot, Psychostick, 36 Crazyfists, Straight Line Stitch, Dirdge Within, Blaze and Maggot Twat. "Laughing with the Sinners" was released in August 2010, accompanied by 2 Chicago-Land release shows. Followed by the "September Sinners Tour" which kicked off with a home town show with Pound for Pound and included dates in NYC with Sworn Enemy, and PA with Wisdom In Chains. Returning home from the fall tour, WHUT? performed as part of Chicago's Riot Fest where they appeared with the legendary Cro-Mags and OFF feat. Keith Morris (Black Flag / Circle Jerks). Wrapping the year up with an insane last minute show with Hed(pe). 2011 started with the band announcing endorsements from In Tune Guitar Picks and the WB Gear family of products (SIT Strings/ Guitar, a Chicago show at Reggie's Rock club with Relapse Records artist Toxic Holocaust. WHUT? will be filming upcoming club dates over February and March for their single "Stone Trophies" . The bands 1st video is set to be filmed by Mr. Riley of Chicago's metal TV show "Rebel Access", with an expected release in April. In May the band will embark on the "For the Sinners and Scumbags Tour" in the Midwest and East Coast with and West coast trek planned for late summer.

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