There is a contemporary sound occurring in the Bay Area and Guy Fox is one of those at the helm. It’s not born out of decades of psych-rock, surf-rock or even folk, but lies at the very foundation of Bay Area music—soul and funk. Punctuating brass, playful bass lines, and even funk-pop make its way into a musical aesthetic found at the fingertips of Guy Fox.

Night Owl, the debut LP from Guy Fox, will street on August 21, 2015 following the release of two EPs (The Wild, 2013 and Guy Fox, 2012). Recorded over 18 months at San Francisco based recording studio Tiny Telephone (John Vanderslice), Night Owl embarks into evolutionary territory for the band. Staying true to their signature sound, this record is a listenable version of the energetic live set for which they’ve become known.

KQED Arts says, "The group's sense of humor and lighthearted nature is matched by their dedication... They have a way of making any venue feel like someone's living room, everything else falls away until it becomes you, your friends, and a good old fashioned dance party fueled by live music. Effortless is the word I'd use to describe their musical talent."

Harper Blynn

Hot on the heels of a move to Los Angeles from their former home of Brooklyn, Harper Blynn continue to turn heads with their soaring brand of rock. Bucking a pervasive trend in modern live music, the band avoids prerecorded tracks and auto-tuned vocals, instead relying on their instruments and voices to generate their epic soundscapes. After making albums with legendary producers David Kahne (Paul McCartney, The Strokes), Malcolm Burn (Emmylou Harris) and John O’Mahony (Metric, Coldplay), Harper Blynn have been busy working on their forthcoming full-length, as well as cowriting and playing on Sara Bareilles’ new album The Blessed Unrest. TV shows like Revenge, The Vampire Diaries, House of Lies and Pretty Little Liars have all taken note and featured the band’s music in the past year. Rounded out with upcoming tour dates in the fall of 2013 with Bareilles and One Republic, Harper Blynn show no signs of slowing down.

The Visibles (LP release party!)

Through the San Francisco fog, across the Golden Gate, and through a rainbow tunnel, amid the land of redwood forests and nuclear-free zones, lies a small, dark studio where The Visibles wrote and recorded their self-titled debut album. Over a year in the making, The Visibles presents layers upon layers of psychedelic imagery piled up like a Dylan-esque acid trip (if Bobby wrote more songs about girls, anyway). Singer-songwriter Justin Goldman offers painful autobiographical confessions one moment, then builds up a wall of opaque, and often complicated, metaphors the next. His remarkable singing voice, often drawing comparisons to Bowie and Lennon, stands out among the anonymous, verb-drenched shoegazers that populate the current landscape. The rest of the group is comprised of Pascal Garneau, who produced the album as well as serving as guitarist in the band, Robert Jakubs (drummer), and Dashiell Worfolk (keyboards), and Mike Alexis (bass).



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