DJ Ten, Pool Cosby, Sanura, Cool Company

DJ Ten

RetroBeat/ Freestyle/ Synthwave Music Producer

Pool Cosby

The self-titled debut album features production from Pittsburgh producer, Dru-Tang as well as string arrangements by Kristine Kruta. Strings were performed by Kristine Kruta, Sarah Haines, and Maggie Gould.

Sanura is a Vocalist, Songwriter, and Model hailing from Virginia Beach, VA. She was born in Brooklyn, NY on August 13, 1987, and music has been a huge part of her life ever since. Growing up, she was exposed to all genres, and at the tender age of six discovered her own vocal and writing ability. A few years later she began recording music with a local producer.​
She has landed major modeling gigs with B.E.T., Urban Ink Magazine, Miss Jessie's, and many more.

Sanura is set to release her third project entitled, "View From The Q," in March 2013. Co-written and produced by Hungarian jazz pianist Kata Kozma, the EP is an eclectic fusion of Hip Hop, R&B, and Electro-Soul. The album is based around true events and serves as the chronicle of a young artist's evolution; Spiritually, Mentally, and Musically.

Cool Company

Pop, Hip-Hop, R&B



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