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Flatfoot 56

Celtic punk band from Chicago, Illinois. The group's use of Scottish Highland bagpipes has led to their classification as a Celtic punk band, comparable to Dropkick Murphys or Flogging Molly.The band formed in summer 2000 as a three-piece punk band. The three original members, who are brothers (Tobin Bawinkel, Justin Bawinkel, and Kyle Bawinkel), started writing songs in Fall 2000. By the Christmas season of the same year, they were playing their first concert. In January 2001, the band added Josh Robieson (bagpipes, guitar, mandolin) to the lineup and the band began including the Highland bagpipes and a second guitar into its sound.
In 2001 they recorded their first demo, then in Summer 2002, the band recorded their first full length album, entitled Rumble of 56. This recording was done in Rockford, Illinois, in a studio called the Noise Chamber. Their second album, Waves of War, was released in 2003.[3] Their song, "That's OK," had heavy radio play on stations across the Midwestern United States.[citation needed] It has been known as one of the higher-rated songs Flatfoot 56 has ever played and is a crowd favorite at live performances.
In 2004, Flatfoot 56 performed at the Cornerstone Festival in Illinois for a crowd of about 700 people.[citation needed] It was at this concert that the band released their third album, Knuckles Up. It has been the band's best-selling record, and the group continues to record and tour. The band has been signed to Flicker Records and has re-released Knuckles Up through the label. Their fourth record, Jungle of the Midwest Sea, was released on May 15, 2007.
After the release of their fourth album, the band embarked on tours. They also appeared in festivals like Skanksgiving '08,[4][5] Sonshine Festival 2008 and 2009, and the Warped Tour.[6] They are also set to appear at the Sonshine Festival 2011[7] They also appeared in the Warped Tour 2010 Tour Compilation album, and recorded a song for the Swingin Utters tribute album titled Untitled 21: A Juvenile Tribute to the Swingin' Utters.
In January 2009, the band announced on their website that they were recording a new, full-length album.[citation needed] On December 18 of the same year, it was officially announced that they had signed to California based Old Shoe Records for the release of their new album Black Thorn. The album was initially due for release St. Patricks Day (March 17) 2010, but was delayed until March 30, 2010.[citation needed] Upon its release, the album debuted at #2 on Billboard Heatseekers New Artist Chart. The first-week sales have also pushed the album into the Billboard Top 200 at #160, as well as other Billboard charts.[8]
The video for their 2010 single "Courage" was nominated for a 2010 Chicago/Midwest Emmy Award for 'Best Director.'
In 2010 the Flatfoot 56 songs "Shiny Eyes," "Son of Shame," and "We Grow Stronger" were featured in episodes 7, 8 and 9 of season 3 of the TV series Sons of Anarchy.[9]
The band is planning to start writing and recording new music in September 2011.[citation needed]
While not touring and playing with Flatfoot 56, Kyle Bawinkel sings for the hardcore side project Sexually Frustrated.[

The Killigans

THE KILLIGANS were born in a filthy garage in 2004, hammered together out of the spare parts of other Nebraska bands and fueled by a love of good whiskey, great friends, late nights, buzzing tattoo needles and crusty old punk rock albums. Starting out small and lacking a promotional budget, word of their awesomeness quickly spread by means of word-of-mouth (mostly drunk-dials) and the band's popularity on several local radio stations, including the University of Nebraska's own 90.3 KRNU.

The Killigans have existed in various incarnations since their inception, but as their rabid fans will testify, they have never failed to ignite the passions of anyone who wanders close enough to hear their foot-stomping, glass-raising anthems for tenacious underdogs, lonely vagabonds, and anyone who's just trying to make it in this world. Their rapidly-growing body of work draws from the most enduring, vibrant aspects of American music - the storytelling of folk, the fighting spirit of punk rock, the heartfelt poignancy of country and the unforgiving grit of rock 'n roll.

After releasing their first full-length album, BROWN BOTTLE HYMNAL, and uploading their tracks to the internet, the band's fanbase extended far beyond the confines of their beloved Cornhusker state - soon they were sending mail-orders to Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Europe. As it turns out, everyone in the world loves a good drinking song.

The year 2007 brought their second album, ONE STEP AHEAD OF HELL, which was gobbled up instantly by a rapidly-increasing throng of devotees, and several high-profile gigs supporting bands such as Flogging Molly, the Aggrolites, Street Dogs, the Briggs, Time Again, Left Alone,and Flatfoot 56. The band has since become one of the most revered live acts in the burgeoning Nebraska music scene, and their annual St. Patrick's Day show has become a phenomenon of its own.

2010 has been the most exciting year so far for the Killigans. After being contacted by Universal Studios, the boys were pleased to contribute their song "Lessons from the Empty Glass" to be used in the latest big-budget epic historical killfest Robin Hood, which starred that guy who was in Gladiator. Their latest release, HONOR, finds the band shifting gears towards a stripped-down, catchy punk sound infused with rousing Clash-like choruses, circle-pit tempos and nuggets of wry barstool wisdom. HONOR has been well-received by the fans and earned heaps of praise from several websites geared towards independent music, such as ThePunkSite.com, PaddyRock.com and OneKindRadio.com. A summer tour is in the works with plans for longer road trips, louder songs, and more hangovers in the future. Not bad for a bunch of working-class blokes from flyover country.

The Tosspints

Whiskey fueled Irish Punk Rock... Supercharged...

The Tosspints' style of music has been influenced by 3 lifetimes of living through the school of hard knocks, brought to bear from war, loss, degradation, and hard drinking. A band created entirely by a family who has had to make it through life the hard way and use their experience to create songs about the more distressed side of being human. Their fast paced no nonsense stage show drives songs straight into the audience one after the other, pushing their own style of up tempo minor chord melodies out with the highest possible energy level.

Made up of brothers Don Zuzula (guitar, vocals), a combat veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and younger brother and Zak Zuzula (bass, vocals), a union school teacher, along with drummer John Johnson, they draw from their world experience and working class upbringing in the rust belt city of Saginaw Michigan for their poetically dark yet uptempo songs.

Their powerful stage presence and unending barrage of music from the beginning of their set to the end of the dark, yet high energy show has earned them spots on stage with iconic underground rock heroes such as The Tossers, Murder by death, The Young Dubliners, The Goddamn Gallows, and earned festival showcases from The Michigan Irish Music Festival, the Crispy Music Festival, and the George Killians Irish Red Ruckus as direct support for The Dropkick Murphys. Their songwriting skills have been recognized in the 2011 John Lennon Songwriting Contest where they earned a finalist position and their powerful fan support has earned them a spot on the 2012 Vans Warped Tour Ernie Ball Stage and Alternative Press Magazine Detroit's Band of the Month for December 2012.

Hex Bombs

The Hex Bombs - We ARE Rock and Roll

The Hex Bombs sound is a unique brand of proletariat punk with a classic punk rock-revival attitude. Never tiring of powerful hooks and anthemic sing-along choruses, these raucous gents sing about the reality of life from the perspective of hard working folks. The songs are progressive and honest with the intensity of a maelstrom. Formed in 2006, the band is known for their high energy live shows and crowd participation.
The band currently has two well-received albums under it’s belt, We Are Rock ‘n’ Roll and Get Back to Work, with a third album, United, in the early recording stages. Influences evident in their songwriting include The Ramones, Dropkick Murphys, Against me!,Bouncing Souls, Social Distortion, Hot Water Music, The Misfits, and The Street Dogs.
The Hex Bombs have shared the stage with such noted international acts as The Misfits, The Adicts, Agent Orange, Juicehead, The Tossers, Electric Six, Koffin Kats, Mustard Plug, Continental, and Deals Gone Bad. Touring the east coast and midwest to receptive audiences, this five piece midwest-based band continues to push forward and look for new opportunities and challenges.

In Exile

In Exile is a Chicago based band featuring members of Flatfoot 56, Southend, and a few other Chicago bands. The band formed in early 2013 and are bringing a diverse Post hardcore/Punk sound. If you are a fan of Thrice, Hot Water Music, Dead To Me, Transit or any punk/hardcore/post hardcore you're going to want to check out In Exile!

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